Obama Blames GOP for “Politicizing” Illegal Issue

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By John Lillpop:

Just when it seemed that Barack Obama could go no lower in his assault on American sovereignty, the US Constitution, established rule of law, and good old-fashioned common sense, he managed to pull a whopper on the illegal alien issue, a move which has infuriated racists who believe that the Constitution does not, or should not, apply to Hispanics.

Specifically, in June, Obama “promised” (threatened!) to issue Executive Orders to bypass the US Congress, thereby supplanting existing immigration law with his own perverted scheme for fundamentally transforming America.

Unfortunately, for our clueless president, word of his planned usurping of law made its way to Central America where invaders-in-waiting immediately headed north in order to take advantage of the Obama EO insanity!

Thousands of illegal aliens  flooded into the US across the US-Mexico border, demanding amnesty, health care, welfare, food stamps, and other amenities which accrue to those of their ethnicity.

Americans not particularly interested in immigration or illegal aliens were suddenly enlightened by daily news bulletins which reported the invasion of America the great by Central Americans. The images portrayed images of a border out-of-control with a narrative of a president who was encouraging the invasions as a means for growing the Democratic party.

The American people were, for the most part, not amused.

Obama’s agony escalated into a major pain in the bum when at- risk Democrats in North Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas and other states realized that Obama’s unlawful meddling with immigration laws would harm their campaigns and perhaps hasten the transfer of the US Senate from the evil hands of Harry Reid to a genuine American, a member of the GOP.

Frightened Democrats immediately went into panic mode and demanded that Obama abandon, postpone, his unconstitutional meddling—at least until after the November elections.

Obama remained steadfast and determined to “do the right thing” until Saturday when he finally relented and yielded to the forces of raw politics over compassion, the right thing, and all of that other baloney.

As reported here, it is now official: Obama’s idiotic orders will NOT be issued until after the November elections.

And just how did our boy genius explain this reversal?

He said that because the GOP had “politicized” the illegal alien issue, he was forced to delay “doing the right thing” until after the elections.

Tragically, there are Americans who actually believe such irrational pap!

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John W. Lillpop
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