Obama Agenda, Legacy On Life Support

Obama's far left "fundamental transformation" will soon be mercifully unplugged

Obama legacy on life support
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By David L. Hunter:

David Hunter
David Hunter

Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” – President Obama to former House Republican Whip Eric Cantor on January 23, 2009

Fast forward to the 2016 election: how the arrogantly smug have tumbled from Mount Olympus. The final firewall to preserve our republic from Mr. Obama’s big government socialism—and his would-be successor Crooked Hillary—held with the surprise election of billionaire capitalist Donald Trump. Now, Mr. Obama’s signature law—as well as most of his anti-American legacy—is headed to the trash bin of history.

Washington Times journalist Kelly Riddell’s insightful historical analysis of Democrats’ identity politics and voting patterns undone by their radical policies—and widespread economic failures—was marred by a seriously erroneous assertion. Regarding ObamaCare, she mistakenly wrote “virtually” no Republicans supported the March 2010 government takeover of 1/6 of the U.S. economy. The truth is that none—that’s zero—of the 178 Republicans voted for the legislation. Ms. Riddell implied “some” making her otherwise excellent column murky.

It’s easy to see why even a seasoned pro like Ms. Riddell gets confused. With gutless Republicanscowed like sheep during the disastrous Obama years—it’s often tough to tell the difference between them and progressives. In 2015 under RINO House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), the GOP capitulated to Democrats with the passage of a two-pronged 2,242 page debt-busting 1.8 trillion spending behemoth. Like liberals, Mr. Ryan traitorously pushed America to the brink of economic ruin: nearly a $20 trillion debt (almost halfaccumulated solely during Barack Obama’s presidency). Even worse, the expenditures funded rabble-rouser Obama’s dystopian priorities. The highlights include:

  • Division F: Allows work permits, entitlements, tax credits and federal benefits for 700,000 illegal aliens; and does not prohibit funding of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive action (his 2012 de facto executive amnesty for “DREAMers” known as Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA))
  • Revives and expands a controversial provision of the H-2B visa program (quadrupling visas for unskilled guest workers to more than 250,000 while in effect denying Americans employment). In the Senate this failed legislation was promoted by Marco Rubio’s Gang of Eight (bankrolled by fascist billionaire George Soros who also finances Black Lives Matter anarchy)
  • Division B Title II: Funding sanctuary cities like San Francisco (where Kate Steinle was killed by a criminal illegal alien), and killing zone Chicago (where former Obama flunky Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently pledged to ignore federal law, and publicly thumbed his nose at president-elect Donald Trump)
  • Division H Title II (Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)) and Division K (Department of State) contain unrestricted appropriations which oversee domestic refugee admissions (including border jumpers, and resettled migrants from Jihadist regions of the world)
  • Ryan’s bill does not penalize foreign countries that refuse to repatriate criminal aliens, or counteract Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson’s policy of freely releasing criminal aliens back into society and shielding entire categories of them from immigration laws
  • Ryan’s Omnibus eliminates hard-fought GOP spending caps funding his predecessor Boehner’s budget deal with Obama—raised the debt ceiling through March of 2017—and increases spending by $112 billion over two years
  • Ryan’s bill fails to provide funds to complete the 700-mile double-layer border fence that Congress promised the American people

Despite Paul Ryan’s often lofty rhetoric—and the little “R” by his name—this renominated House Speaker is a spineless sell-out. Beyond a lip service pledge of a “fresh start,” Ryan misused the House’s vital power of the purse to perpetuate more of the same: Mr. Obama’s anti-American “transformation.” Yet, thanks to the pro-America electorate on Election Day all is not lost. Soon there will be a new big dog in town (in the form of president-elect Donald Trump) and one confidently anticipates an instantaneous about-face from ‘not ready yet’ two-faced Paulie.

Therefore, what’s now crystal clear is that overreaching Barack Obama’s “pen and phone achievements”—and progressive agenda—are finally on the chopping block. They hang precariously not from Damocles’ sword, but from the tip of “45’s” Montblanc and a Mike Pence corralled godsend of a Republican Congress.

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