NSA chief: Domestic spying failed to protect WTC, prevent Boston bombing, Fort Hood massacre, so we need more of it

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(Daily Caller) — Director of the National Security Agency Keith Alexander called on the public to support the agency’s surveillance sweeps on Wednesday, warning that the U.S. could suffer terrorist attacks similar to the Nairobi mall massacre if Congress curbs its powers.

“We need our nation to understand why we need these tools… If you take those [surveillance powers] away, think about the last week and what will happen in the future. If you think it’s bad now, wait until you get some of those things that happened in Nairobi,” he said at a cybersecurity summit held at the National Press Club, according to The Hill.

Americans could afford to have “esoteric” arguments about the scope of NSA spying thanks to the NSA’s efforts to stop terrorism, Alexander claimed. The agency had a role in handling the Boston Marathon bombings in April, he said.

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