No Magic Tricks

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By Larry Wilke:

The “Blameless Bolsheviks” are at it again.. For eons now, the liberals have been striving towards creating a society that reflexively eschews responsibility, in other words, it is ALWAYS “someone else’s fault”. This “pass the buck” mentality has now become literal through the idiotic progressive puling of OWEbama.. As the members of the fourth estate/fifth column, the ever so “impartial” media, tossed socialist softballs to Dear Leader just a few days ago, it was time to try a new tack on those who NEVER put up a fight even though it is what they are allegedly supposed to do..

obama the magician

The debt? Now you see it – now you don’t!

According to CNS News, OWEbama feels that he has “no choice” but to “demand an increase in the legal limit on the national debt.” Immediate clarification is needed before we go ANY further.. One line in and we need to clarify the collectivists, that didn’t take long..

OWEbama has had an ample amount of “choice” at his disposal since January of 2009 and the “choice” that he has made from that time “forward” has been to spend the American economy into the ground. Whatever happened to “just say no”? OWEbama made his “choice” and he strong-armed every politician in sight so that the liberal New World Order (make that “New World Odor”..) would come ever closer to fruition.

“Legal” limit.. Since when has the term “legal” mattered to the liberal left? Empowered by their overwhelming “compassion”, (not to mention an imaginary “mandate”..) “results” such as an alarming national debt are irrelevant when the left is out and about “doing the right thing”. The left bends what is “legal” in the same dystrophic manner that they have bent “free speech” to cover ACTIONS. The liberal world is all about making their own agenda obscure through a myriad of shades of gray.. At the same time, the liberals demand that everyone else’s world be painted in the definitive and inflexible hues of black and white. Timetables and exit plans are ONLY applicable to those who don’t worship at the alter of the Hammer and Sickle Party..

Finally, this ISN’T a “national debt”, this is OWEbama’s DEBT.

Suddenly, the “outsider”, our nation’s “Fiscal Cliff” Huxtable is the “victim”. OWEbama HAS NO bearing on what the liberal politicians have pushed for in both the past and the present in both Houses.. Righttt.. At this point, we should “forget” about OWEbama’s copious and surly “demands” made by the bushel basket full after the collectivist coronation in January of 2009, featuring “spending” on the Scamulous and the OWEbamaScare fallacies which by no means were the ONLY hoaxes on the list of collectivist candy store “spending”.. OWEbama had NOTHING to do with it.

He NEVER ONCE told them to stop..

OWEbama tried to bring forth his best Othello, “They order me to spend. You need to fund our Defense Department. You need to send Social Security checks. You need to make sure that you are paying to care for our veterans..” Someone needs to remind OWEbama that he isn’t running for office any longer. Note the “buzz words” of “spending” that OWEbama NOW alleges to be concerned with.. “Defense”, “Social Security”, “veterans”..

How about the possibility that maybe if OWEbama would have said “NO” ONCE during the past four years, things might not be as grim as OWEbama has made things today.. “NO” to Solyndra. “NO” to the Scamulous. “NO” to “Cash for Clunkers” and on and on and on.. Had the Brown Bolshevik even mildly applied the brakes, there wouldn’t be this imaginary liberal urgency to play “pass the hat” on OWEbama’s debt limit..

As well, we can be guaranteed that ANY and ALL money collected/stolen on behalf of these worthy causes will be redirected to the lowest class or any of the other liberal Democratic “special interests”.. Yes, the “victims for profit” that overpopulate the liberal left will be crawling on all fours as they always do when the aroma of tax money is in the air..

There is simply no accountability when it comes to the liberal girly spending proclivities and the “impartial” media REFUSE to do their jobs as “watchdogs”. The reason that there is no accountability is because there aren’t enough accountants in charge of accountability. Whatever, its just money and if they can’t manage to strangle the middle class, the liberals will just print more..

Back to the vainglorious “victim”.. “They (Congress, the REAL bad guys according to OWEbama) also have to authorize a raising of the debt ceiling in order to make sure that those bills are paid.” Since when have either OWEbama or the liberals been concerned with “bills being paid”? Even within the last quote, there is no mention of slowing the OWEbama spending spree. Raise the debt ceiling so I can spend more money!

Suddenly “veterans” are more important to the left than electric cars and solar batteries.. Nonsense. As soon as the money hits the collectivist coffers, ANOTHER liberal “cause” like another flare up of the hoax of Globalony Warming, will become a “national emergency” or a “crisis” in need of immediate attention and buckets full of cash..

Our “victim” IMMEDIATELY exposes himself as the fascist fraud that he is. “OWEbama talked about why he refused to cut federal spending..” Isn’t the OWEbama DEBT a problem of “spending” and not “saving”? This is a matter of sending out more than is being brought in and the left’s reflexive answer to this problem of their making is to do EVERYTHING in order to bring more middle class tax dollars in..

Knowing that he was in front of a group of “friendlies”, OWEbama dove into the deep end of the liberal cesspool without his inflatable arm waders.. “The issue here isn’t whether or not America pays its bills..” WHAT?? He then goes on to “explain” why HE would be better at managing the nation’s money.. Try not to giggle..

“Now if the House and the Senate want to give me the authority so that they don’t have to take these tough votes, if they want to put the responsibility on me to raise the debt ceiling, I’m happy to take it..” This mess is ALL your fault, thanks for finally taking the “responsibility”. The “responsibility” of what has happened to this once great nation has been YOURS since January of 2009 but it is only NOW that you claim that you want to do something about it which, in the end, will make the problem WORSE due to the actions and inactions of the liberal left..

“There are, you know, no easy outs..” No kidding.. “OWEbama said he did not want to raise the debt ceiling himself unless Congress authorized it but he called on them to expedite it..” No wonder his heroes are charmers like Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot..

OWEbama went on to say that there are “no magic tricks”.. This coming from the “Heretics Houdini”..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2013. All rights reserved.

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