Newsweek Editor David Mastio Defies Logic

Newsweek bashing Stepen Bannon
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

Recent editorial from Newsweek bashing Stepen Bannon fails to make even rudimentary sense

Newsweek’s editor has been taken to task for an incredibly biased and one-sided attack against Trump advisor Stephen Bannon. Tucker Carlson of Fox News blasted David Mastio on his Wednesday night show:

(From Breitbart)

After rattling off some of the atrocities committed by ISIS under al-Baghdadi, including beheading journalists, use of chemical weapons, employment of child soldiers, mass execution of Christians and declaration of a caliphate, Carlson pushed back against the characterization of Bannon.

However, Mastio doubled down and insisted the visions of the two, which was a war underway between Islam and the West, were similar.

“We’re at war with a psychotic death cult, a fringe of the Islamic world,” Mastio said. “Bannon agrees with Baghdadi that it is a war between Islam and the West. We don’t need to give Baghdadi that propaganda victory.” (emphasis added)

First of all, Mastio appears to be equating the attempts to stop beheadings, chemical weapons, the use of children as soldiers and mass executions with those same acts.

Apparently he even finds a moral equivalence between those who start wars with those who would stop wars. Was Franklin Roosevelt giving imperial Japan a “propaganda victory” by declaring war after the Pearl Harbor attack? Was Winston Churchill giving Hitler a “propaganda victory” by fighting the Nazis?

By Mastio’s “logic” it would seem there is no difference between evil aggressors and those who would defend against those evil aggressors.

Obviously, Mr. Mastio does not possess critical thinking skills, nor any sense of logic.

Mr. Spock of Star Trek would have a field day with Mr. Mastio.

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