Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want Ben Carson straying off the Dem Plantation

Dr. Ben Carson represents the kind of success that Nancy Pelosi finds frightening

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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean
Chip McLean

No sooner had President-elect Donald Trump announced that Dr. Ben Carson was his selection to head up HUD, than a negative reaction comes from Nancy Pelosi.

According to Pelosi, Dr. Carson would be a “disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice.”

Of course what is truly “disturbing” to the 76-year-old Democrat congressional leader is the fact that Dr. Carson is a – gasp – black, conservative Republican.

The Democrat Party for at least 50 years has played identity politics and done everything they can to keep black people on the Dem Plantation.

This is the party that wrote Jim Crow laws, started the KKK, idolized Klan recruiter and Democrat senator Robert Byrd, opposed civil rights and much more.

This is the party Of Lyndon Johnson, who came up with a new way of keeping black people on the plantation by making them dependent on government assistance. It led to welfare checks replacing fathers and is now a never-ending cycle of poverty, single-parent homes along with drugs, gangs and crime in the inner cities.

LBJ said with his “Great Society”, that the Democrats would own the “n—-r vote” for the next two hundred years.

An increasing number of black people are escaping that plantation and have gone on to success in virtually every field there is.

The narrative that blacks can succeed without government is one that is dangerous to Dem politicians.

All these years they have relied upon black people to vote in lockstep with them and their failed policies.

That is why Dr. Ben Carson is so frightening to Nancy Pelosi. It is his success that she doesn’t like.

She hates that he is a talented, bright black man who will serve in a Republican administration.

Dr. Carson will do fine without Nancy Pelosi’s “help”.

What he needs to do is tell her is to go pick her own damn cotton.

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Chip McLean
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