Michael Avenatti arrest downplayed by CNN, MSNBC – When he was accusing Kavanaugh they couldn’t show enough of him

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Fox News — A conservative media watchdog group is accusing MSNBC and CNN of downplaying the Wednesday arrest of Michael Avenatti, who was a frequent guest on the liberal networks prior to his fall from grace.

Avenatti, a frequent President Trump critic and the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, made bail after his arrest on domestic violence charges and said he will be “fully exonerated.” However, a Media Research Center study is faulting the networks that made him famous, saying they soft-pedaled the negative news about the #Resistance hero.

“Despite the fact that Avenatti granted them over 200 combined appearances on their networks, both CNN and MSNBC downplayed the charges,” MRC analyst Nicholas Fondacaro wrote.

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