More Media Bias: Washington Post poll hides fact that Trump still beats Clinton, 43%-40%

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By News Desk Editor: 

They just can’t help themselves…the Washington Post, which is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Democrat party, has released a new poll that starts with a blaring headline that reads “Nearing 100 days, Trump’s approval at record lows but his base is holding”.

What they didn’t put into the headline was the fact that their own poll indicates that if the election were held today, that Trump would best Hillary Clinton 43 to 40 percent.

That fact is buried so far down in the story (next to last paragraph) that the average reader will never even see it after they take a quick moment to glance at Trump’s low approval rating.

This is exactly how the MSM outlets, and in particular ones like the Post and the New York Times manipulate the news to drive their agenda.

About the only reliable poll out there remains Rasmussen, which came closer to last year’s election result than any other major poll.

Rasmussen’s model relies on “likely voters”. Their latest presidential approval poll shows Trump with a 51% approval rating, as opposed to the 42% approval indicated in the one from the Washington Post.

Of course, if the Post were to report that the sky was blue, it would be wise to walk outside to verify that it is not in fact green.

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