McCain’s Secret Benghazi Agenda

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By John LeBoutillier:

What is the real reason Senator John McCain is on the war path against UN Ambassador Susan Rice?

Is it not odd for a senior U.S. Senator to target so personally a relatively minor Administration official – especially from the other party?

It is true that McCain is certifiably unpredictable – with an out-of-control temper going back to his childhood – pre-dating his POW years. Just ask his mother, who has often publicly described how difficult and irascible John McCain was from his earliest days on.

And, to be upfront and fair about it, I have known John casually since 1974. He is the single most miserable, rude, erratic, untrustworthy and obnoxious person I have ever met in the political world. His behavior inside the POW/MIA issue toward the families and toward the activists has been so atrocious that no one would even begin to comprehend it.

Having said that, I have learned that McCain is totally crazy – but he uses his craziness to get what he (thinks he at that moment) wants.

In the Libyan/Rice/Benghazi Affair, McCain indeed has an agenda. And here is what I think it is:

McCain and Senator John Kerry are very good friends. They have been for years. In 2004 when Kerry won the Democratic Presidential nomination, the first name he considered as his running mate was Republican John McCain.

While Susan Rice is today the front-runner to be nominated as Secretary of State, Kerry is the other name being bandied about to replace Hillary at the State Department. But Rice is the clear front-runner – and the candidate the President wants to nominate.

McCain may very well have told Kerry that he, McCain, would ‘take out’ Rice by threatening her confirmation with a filibuster – and thus backing President Obama off from a messy nominating process that dredges up all the Benghazi Talking Point mess all over again.

Then Kerry would most likely get the nomination – and would sail through confirmation by his fellow Senators.

Sound crazy?

Not really.

From McCain’s point of view, he’d have a new Secretary of State who would owe him – big time. And McCain – who never met a new war he didn’t want to get us embroiled in – would have his buddy over at Foggy Bottom certain to answer his phone calls.

Yes, before you ask, this is indeed how DC works.

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