Lindsey Graham asks Neil Gorsuch about impeaching President Trump

RINO Senator Lindsey Graham brought up the subject of impeachment at the confirmation hearing for Neil Gorsuch.
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

John McCain’s toady is once again making thinly veiled threats against President Trump…

Today at the confirmation hearing for Trump’s pick for the US Supreme Court, a truly surreal exchange occurred between the nominee and Senator Lindsey Graham:

“In case President Trump is watching, which he may very well be, one you did a good job picking Judge Gorsuch,” Graham said, “No. 2 … if you start waterboarding people, you may get impeached. Is that a fair summary?”

Gorsuch said the power of impeachment belongs to the U.S. Senate.

“That’s even better,” Graham replied. “Would he be subject to prosecution?”

“Senator, I’m not going to speculate,” Gorsuch responded.

“But he’s not above the law,” Graham replied.

“No man is above the law,” Gorsuch said. “No man.”

Gorsuch is quite correct that any impeachment of any president belongs to congress. But why would Graham bring up the subject of impeachment when there has been nothing to suggest such an action would be warranted?

No one – other than a few far-left loons – are seriously considering impeachment for a president who has been in office less than 60 days, and has done nothing illegal nor anything that would rise to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

This is especially bizarre given the fact that Graham is (technically) a Republican, as is the President.

Graham has a long history of being a RINO in the mold of his crony John McCain, and refused to support Trump even after he became the party’s nominee.

Talking about impeaching the President – of your own party, no less – even in a theoretical sense, is beyond the pale. It makes Graham sound like he’s just itching to take out Trump.

The fact is the American people voted for Donald Trump’s America First agenda – not the agenda of Lindsey “Grahamnesty”. Graham would be wise to remember that the state he represents (and is also my home state) – South Carolina – voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.

If Graham keeps saying such idiotic things, the good people of South Carolina could decide to “waterboard” his butt out of office in 2020.

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Chip McLean
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  1. Graham had no interest in impeachment when Obama committed fraud, misconduct and treason during his 8 years in office but after 50 days he is talking impeachment of Trump?

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