Liberals Offer “Better Deal”: But, Better for Whom?

Boy, do they have a "deal" for you!

better deal
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By John Lillpop:

John Lillpop
Associate Editor

“For whom” is the part where the left goes mute…

As parched Democrats struggle with the harsh reality of trying to survive in the hostile climate imposed by Donald J. Trump, the “brain trust” of this woe-begotten, abandoned party has seized upon a new strategy for recapturing the adoration (and votes) of a deeply skeptical American electorate.

In their desperation, deluded liberals have decided that simply by calling their failed policies a “Better Deal” will cause estranged voters to flock back to the economic, political and social ruin produced by eight years of the Obama era in which 1,000 congressional seats and state offices were converted to Republican in the most brutal political genocide in US history.

As with all ideas originating with progressive dolts, this strategy is destined to fail because Dems fail to address the most rudimentary question: Better Deal, but, for whom?

Recent history strongly suggests that those who might benefit from a wave of progressive electoral success would likely include Illegal aliens; nations like Mexico and Iran who have zero regard for the best interests of America and her citizens; coddlers of Islamic extremism and Jihad criminals; morally perverted outcasts rejected by mainstream American society; irresponsible, reckless stewardship of America’s treasure who believe that all problems can be effectively addressed by ever greater accumulation of federal debt; and by naive progressives who believe that socialism, communism, and Islamic theocracy are just as viable and honorable as capitalism and western free-market democracy.

Given these facts, it is quite understandable that progressives would prefer to remain mute when it comes to identifying whom would stand to benefit from a revival of liberalism.

Nonetheless, is essential that the lies and fraud inherent in any claim of a “Better Deal” by liberals be fully exposed as folly, deleterious to the self-interest of innocent Americans, and to reiterate that making America Great Again is dependent on destroying liberal nonsense and replacing said nonsense with a full and complete acceptance of Trump policies!

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