Left Wing Media Bias is “Global”

If you favor border security the DM thinks you're an "extreme right winger"

left wing media bias
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By Chip McLean:

We all know that the MSM leans very hard left. This has been true for a very long time.

The foreign press is also hard left, perhaps no more so than in the UK.

There’s a DailyMail story linked from the Drudge Report today about recent protests against Muslim immigrants – particularly refugees – coming to Germany.

The story is so slanted that it would be comical if the matter wasn’t so serious.

The story’s “reporter” used the term “far-right” (or variances thereof) at least 14 times in characterizing those who wanted to stop the influx of Muslim immigrants.

I say 14 because I think I lost count at that point.

I hyperlinked the DM story above, but below is the full url (just to give you an idea of the tone):


The far left, whether it is in the U.S. or abroad keeps pushing the narrative that those opposed to the tsunami of immigrants swarming over western borders are just “haters”, “xenophobic”, “Nazis” and so on.

They have to push this narrative because without it, their plot to achieve a “borderless world” (as John Kerry recently said),  would crumble.

That’s because those who don’t want their nation’s culture submerged by that of a third world, are not by and large “extreme right wingers”.

In fact, what these folks hold are nationalist viewpoints, and they come from a very diverse group  – conservatives, blue-collar workers, traditional liberals, the religious as well as those who aren’t, whites, blacks and immigrants who are in the country legally.

As a commenter on the Daily Mail’s site pointed out, there were even protestors waving gay rainbow flags. Makes sense – any thinking gay person should be horrified by the thought of millions of Muslims gaining influence over the culture and government and implementing Shariah law.

Donald Trump has become the presumptive GOP nominee largely on the basis of his stance on shutting down the border, building a wall and suspending all Islamic immigration temporarily.

He – like millions of us – have seen what has happened, and is happening in Europe, and wants to prevent that, and preserve America for Americans.

Trump is the candidate, but the reality is the movement is much larger than any one man. Millions of people have awakened – here and in Europe – and we are saying, “No more!”

No more government and their wealthy crony corporate donors usurping the birthright, culture, language  and jobs that belong to Americans  and made America great.

This propaganda – the demonizing of millions of everyday people who want to protect their nation will no longer work. The Daily Mail and all of its counterparts in this country who spew the same garbage, are hereby put on notice…

No one is buying your crap anymore.

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