Killing Us Slowly

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By Kevin Roeten:

Planned Parenthood’s Financial Status

A recent article from Life News wanted to know why Planned Parenthood, ‘PP,’ gets $3.6 billion tax dollars [AUL], and over $700 million yearly from abortions. $700 million/yr is hardly representative of a [501(c)(3)] non-profit charitable organization.

On March 5, ACLJ attorneys asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate a lawsuit accusing the ‘PP’ affiliates of California of illegally overcharging the government – and thus taxpayers – over $200 million.

‘PP’s Actual Job

NATIONAL Josh Shepard’s column in Life News reveals [largest abortion provider] ‘PP’ claims of “pregnancy related services” are shrinking insurmountably, with abortions rising quickly.

It’s known ‘PP’ saw fewer clients last year, but still performed over 300,000 abortions (AUL). But per RH Reality Check, every U.S. budget since 1977 included the Hyde Amendment, banning all federal funding of abortion. In reality, Obama has the government funding abortion directly.

“Currently, 17 states fund abortion through Medicaid,” notes Michael New. Guttmacher Institute released a report confirming this. From court orders, 17 states fund abortions under Medicaid (Kaiser Family Fdtn.)

In a recent interview with Bound4LIFE, Dr. Michael New, Charlotte Lozier Institute, backs this up. “Most of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes through performing abortions. Most people outside the pro-life movement don’t know that, because public campaigns by Planned Parenthood make disingenuous claims.”

Pro-Lifers Instinctual Job

Pro-lifers want budget proposals saving lives, elimination of funding China’s one-child policy (UN), and getting out of backing ‘PP’ committing most of America’s abortions.

Hillary Gets Involved

Very recently Hillary Clinton gave the keynote address at a fundraiser for Emily’s List. They are one of the country’s ‘top’ pro-abortion groups. After she received an award from the radical pro-abortion group Emily’s List, Clinton celebrated abortion at Emily’s List 30th Anniversary Gala.

As Secretary of State, Clinton pressed for abortion on an international scale.In the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary launched a new partnership with the Gates Foundation, operated by Bill and Melinda Gates, who supports abortion and the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Unbelievably, Clinton says she admires Margaret Sanger, the racist founder of the ‘PP’ abortion business. Sanger espoused abortion, especially of Blacks, especially due to Sanger’s eugenics history.

At the Rio [+20] Conference, countries such as Nicaragua, Chile, Russia, Honduras, Syria, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Egypt all rejected the introductionof “reproductive rights” (translated ‘abortion’ rights) from the final document. Hillary was highly disappointed with this defeat, and personally urged Obama to veto a State Department funding bill to cutgroups from performing abortions.

Pro-Life Involvement

Troy Newman’s organization, Operation Rescue, just released results of a nationwide survey showing 73 abortion clinics were closed in 2014 alone.

Newman and co-worker Cheryl Sullenger discuss making communities “Abortion Free”, which shares over 50 years both have fought since Roe vs. Wade. That fight included closing many ‘abortuaries.’

On MLKJr. Day, Sullenger begged Americans to realize abortion disproportionately affects the Black community. She specifically mentioned Blacks having an absurd 459 abortions/1000 births. Terribly, one can compare this same “abortion ratio” for Whites at 132, and 208 for Hispanics.

“When abortions go wrong, it is more likely that women of color are the ones who end up on slabs in the morgue,” wrote Sullenger, “In the past five years, four out of five abortion-related maternal deaths documented by Operation Rescue have involved Black or Hispanic women.”

Sullenger and Newman know the disproportionally large number of aborted Blacks is racial discrimination. Sullenger says these abortions are standing directly in the way of MLKJr’s dream of all men really being equal.

Personal Involvement

This writer has visited Femcare’s abortion location on Orange Street (Asheville, NC) several times over the past few years.  Even though they ‘closed-shop’ recently, they’ve morphed into  a ‘PP’ in a different Asheville location.

Recently, ‘PP’s President Cecile Richards made their goal clear: To make it “completely unacceptable to run for office” as a pro-life candidate.           

Pregnancy centers all over the US report women leaning toward abortion, change their minds after ultrasounds. Dorothy Wallis of Care Pregnancy Clinic in Baton Rouge, La., reports 98 percent of women having ultrasounds choose to carry to term. No wonder almost all abortion practitioners tells their workers, “…don’t let women see an ultrasound of their baby.”

All The Way Back To 1983

Dr. Sally Faith Dorfman, working at Einstein Medical College, told abortion providers in an older transcript:

“A compassionate and sensitive sonographer should remember to turn the screen away from the plane of view [of the woman having an abortion]. Staff, too, may find themselves increasingly disturbed by the repeated visual impact of an aspect of their work that they need to partially deny in order to continue to function optimally and to concentrate on the needs of the women who come to them for help.”

People need to know PP’s primary focus is not women’s health care, but abortion and profit. It’s how they make money.

Talk about a triple-negative: we’re now over $7 trillion in debt, Obama and Hillary want to continue to give ‘PP’ over $700 million/yr, and abortions in the US will turn population growth to decline by 2050 (per UN Census !!!!)

May God have mercy on our souls!!!


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