Jeff Flake is Trailing Badly in New Poll – Challenger Kelli Ward is leading “the Flake” by over 25 points

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By News Desk Editor:

Breitbart is reporting that Arizona RINO Senator Jeff Flake is getting clobbered in a new poll by his challenger, Dr. Kelli Ward.

Flake, who has thwarted President Trump’s America First policies at every opportunity, could easily find himself out of a job come 2018.

The poll – from JMC Analytics – shows that Ward is the choice of 47% of respondents. Flake is drawing a paltry 21%.

While it is true that it is quite early and the primary is a year away, the fact that an incumbent Senator is polling this badly certainly indicates that Flake could be facing a very formidable challenge from Dr. Ward. Ward has strong experience of course as she nearly unseated Arizona’s other RINO senator – John McCain – in 2016.

Like McCain, Flake has shown himself to be very anti-American citizens with his consistent support of amnesty for illegal aliens. He and McCain both are plainly listening to Wall Street, not Main Street.

Arizona – a state that was the home of conservative icon Barry Goldwater – has a chance to do with Flake what it failed to do with McCain. Arizona has a chance to set things right by electing a true limited government conservative, and send RINO Flake packing.

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