It’s time to tell this president, “No More”

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By Chip McLean:

By now, even people living in Bugtussel have heard about the horrendous attacks in France yesterday that have left over 100 dead and more than 300 injured. The responsibility for the terrorist attacks was claimed by ISIS. This was the same ISIS that Barack Obama likened to a “jayvee” team less than two years ago. This is also the same ISIS that Obama said yesterday shortly before the attacks, had been “contained”. Wow, talk about ill timing!

Already, the French police are looking for two men believed to be connected to the mass shootings who entered the country apparently through Greece, on  Syrian passports. In other words, they were “refugees”. Obama is pushing to bring at least 200,000 Syrian “refugees” to our nation as soon as possible. How considerate of him.

Through seven years of allowing every Juan, Pedro and Mohammed to cross our border and attempting to grant amnesty through unconstitutional executive actions, Obama has been determined to “fundamentally transform” our nation. I don’t suppose most of the voters who fell for his “hope and change” realized the transformation included turning our population into a majority of foreigners.

Well, it’s no longer even a case of the rest of us just having to pay for all this “immigration” with our jobs, neighborhoods and tax dollars – now we are expected to allow who knows how many peace loving jihadists into the country. Hey, it’s really working out well for France, the rest of Europe and for that matter, Detroit.

Joe Six-Pack – have you had enough yet? What about you millennials? Can you stop texting and demanding free tuition long enough realize to it’s time to wake up?

We can only hope, because it is long past time to tell this pResident…NO MORE!

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Chip McLean
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