Islamists in Control of America

The "Visa Lottery” is America’ s Achilles‘ heel - it should be abolished

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By Amil Imani:

Amil Imani

Because it is mandatory for a Muslim to adhere to Islamic laws and not to a man-made law like the US Constitution, a Muslim can never be a both a Muslim and an American at the same time…

The American people are distressed by the actions of Muslims in their country and with their barbaric demands for Sharia law.

Islamists are Islam’s locomotive – always active in their mission to make America Islamic.  US Citizens are puzzled as to why civilized nations are bending over backwards in the hope of placating this yet tiny minority group of immigrants and offering them all manner of hospitality and assistance, knowing full well they will never assimilate. These efforts remain futile and to no avail.

Many Muslims who arrive in America, are deeply indoctrinated by Islamic credos and find it impossible to assimilate in the host countries. In fact, their leaders and Imams encourage them to stay away from the American way of life. Hypocrisy is a Muslim trait while they strive to impose their own defunct 7th century barbaric ideology – which is the cause of their own misery – on the host nation.

Both of America’s political parties are guilty of keeping much of the US population in the dark about Islam’s mission in the US. Those who dare to ask their representatives questions in regard to this, will assure their constituents that in general, Muslims are law-abiding citizens of their adopted countries and it is only a minority that is responsible for the violence and chaos, so lies and deceptions are told.

Well, that is not how you make your constituents believe this hoax. The Muslim community, who were brought mostly to the land of the free by Democrats, are required by the US Constitutions to abide by our laws. Ironically, they have done exactly the opposite. What do officials do? They continue to appease them.  That is precisely why Muslims feel they own the land and our laws are just hearsay.

A Muslim is required to abide by their own laws under Sharia and not the Constitution of the United States of America. Because it is mandatory for a Muslim to adhere to Islamic laws and not to a man-made law like the US Constitution, a Muslim can never be a both a Muslim and an American at the same time.

President Trump is 100% accurate in his assessment to completely abolish this bogus “Diversity Immigrant Visa” program, also known as the “green card lottery.” This program is truly insane. In general, most Muslims despise America. Whether in their homeland or in America.

In one of my investigative works, I spoke with a Muslim man from Tunisia. I casually asked him regarding America and how he feels to be in the land of the free. He was a van driver, working for a hotel while attending a university. He expressed openly to me on how much he resents America and he refuses to take hotel guests to a liquor store or take them to strip clubs because it was against his religion.  I asked him how he received his Green Card to come to United States. He said, one day he looked at his mailbox and noticed that he had won the “lottery” program.  In our brief conversation, I noticed his demeanor was belligerent and extremely repulsive towards America. In fact, I felt that he would not hesitate to join any radical Islamic group in the US. Our non-functional immigration system, in a welcome letter sent a lottery invitation to a devout and dangerous young Muslim man who was full of hate for America. Go figure!

Whether they are Muslims or Islamists, the goal is the same. They do not accept the United States as it is but want to change it into a majority Muslim country where the Qur’an replaces the Constitution. “Our plan is, we are going to conquer America,” is how a missionary put it – in the 1920s. His latter-day successors are no less ambitious. They have two alternate strategies, non-violent (i.e., conversion of the Christian majority) and violent (i.e., jihad), to accomplish this.”

In one of my earlier investigative reports, “On July 27, 2011, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Richardson, Texas, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Dallas chapter, featured Dr. Tariq Ramadan, a highly controversial Islamic scholar, for their annual fundraising to Support Religious Freedom & Sharia Awareness. Tariq Ramadan is a faithful flag bearer to the violent Islamic order of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by his grandfather, Hassan al-Banna. Tariq’s U.S. visa was originally revoked due to his connections to Islamic terrorism. A devoted champion of the religion of peace that he is, Ramadan is uncompromisingly committed to the elimination of the State of Israel, and not necessarily by peaceful means. This religion of peace that Ramadan and his ilk promote, rides at the tip of the sword. Peace, in Islamist’s terms offers no room for negotiations or live and let live. Here is the completer report.”

In conclusion: The American people must become active, better educated and keep track of their elected officials in Congress. This “Visa Lottery” program is a complete farce. This “Visa Lottery” has become America’ s Achilles‘ heel and it should be abolished as soon as possible. On another note, why our lawmakers never bother to discuss or to inform the public of Islam’s imminent threat? You be the judge!

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Amil Imani
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Amil Imani is an Iranian-American writer, satirist, novelist, essayist, public speaker and political analyst who has been writing and speaking out about the danger of radical Islam both in America and internationally. He has become a formidable voice in the United States against the danger of global jihad and Islamization of America. Amil maintains a website at Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf and is currently working on his third and fourth book. He is 2010 honoree of EMET: "The Speaker of the Truth Award" at the Capitol Hill.


  1. You are right in what you are saying Amil.
    The problem is we do not really live in a democratic world. For example if the American people were asked in a national vote do you want Muslims coming to America, most would say NO.
    The only western Politican I have respect for is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. He has put his words into action by not allowing Muslims into Hungary and he has closed down George Soros’ open society offices which bring in third world muslims. Mr Orban has stated many times he wants a christian Euroipw without Muslims.At least he has shut the borders and most Hungarians agree with him. This man in my opinion is a hero.

  2. You are totally correct in your assessment of muslim migrants, their full intention is islamic control of the entire world.

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