The “Insensitivity” of Taxing Tampons

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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

Writer Kelleigh Nelson informed me of an email she received from a reader who took exception to a portion of her column on the “Women’s march” protestors at the inauguration.

Here is an excerpt from the email:

I thank you for your article, but I have a huge issue with the following statement made. “she went on to rant and rave about her monthly periods and why Tampax is taxed whereas Viagra and other men’s erectile dysfunction prescriptions are not. I guess she doesn’t realize that one is a physician’s prescription and the other is an over-the-counter convenience for women……..”

I take issue with any anti-woman statement made in this manner.  Women who are conservative, against abortion do not automatically get categorized as less than men.  Your statement above is positive proof that men still have an upper hand in our society even though women represent 58.6% of the workforce in our nation.

Repeal the tax on jock itch!

Upper hand? The woman who wrote this email states that, her name is “Kathleen Coelho and I am the Vice President for the Josephine County Republican Women’s party.”

A true Republican woman wouldn’t be buying into such a left-wing victim talking point.

As I said to Kelleigh, if it’s unfair that women have to pay sales tax on tampons, then it is equally unfair that men have to pay sales tax on jock itch cream.

Altogether now, “Tax-free Cruex for all men!”

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Chip McLean
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