Hugh Hewitt says we need to “get with the program” and support Paul Ryan

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The all-knowing, all-wise Hugh Hewitt has some words from on high for we anti-establishment folks…According to Hewitt we need to “get with the program” and support Paul Ryan for House Speaker.

This is the very reason why so many people are fed up with the status quo. For the establishment, it’s all about maintaining position and power. It’s listening to Wall Street instead of Main Street. It’s letting the Chamber of Commerce pull the strings and moving like good little marionettes.

These folks really don’t care about middle class Americans and the impact that immigration (legal and illegal) have had on jobs and wages. They support amnesty. They support trade agreements that harm the middle class. They’re the reason jobs continue to be outsourced and that you have to press “1” for English, and even then you’re likely to be speaking to someone from India.

No, it’s all about the bottom line even if you have to destroy the middle class in the process. It’s about the bottom line even if you have to screw the American workers. It’s about $100 million dollar campaigns to eviscerate the tea party. It’s about those deep pockets that tell politicians what they will do and which policies they will support.

It is a sad situation that proves once again, as Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Hugh Hewitt is just another establishment lackey who presumes to know better than the voters. He’s part of a system in which the GOP wants one thing from you – your vote at election time. The problem is that they are offering nothing in return.


Posted 10-12-2015 by Chip McLean

Chip McLean
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