Harry Reid Needs to Walk the Plank

Harry Reid has spent 34 years in Washington, D.C. That’s about 34 years too long.

Walk the Plank
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean
Chip McLean

Harry Reid has spent  34 years in Washington, D.C. That’s about 34 years too long.

Reid is the poster child for needed term limits on Congress.

For years this establishment hack has profited from his years in the Senate, such as his $1.1 million dollar profit  for the sale of some Las Vegas land that he didn’t even own.

Reid was operating behind the scenes during the Bundy Ranch/BLM standoff and subsequent land grab – a situation created by yet another shady deal being made with a Chinese solar company. The cronyism involved Reid’s son Rory, who was a former Clark County Nevada county commission chairman.

Another great example of Reid’s “scruples” came in 2012 where he made the ridiculous claim that (then) Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had not paid any taxes in ten years. The claim was patently and demonstrably untrue. It turned out to be such a whopper that even the left-wing Washington Post fact checker gave it “four Pinnocchios”.

Anyone familiar with my writings knows that I have no love whatsoever for Mitt Romney, but what Harry Reid said was an out and out, blatant, bald-faced lie.

Reid even had the audacity, after it was proven that he lied about Romney’s taxes, to say it was “one of the best things I’ve ever done”.

Lying and cheating is what Harry Reid does best – that and deny the obvious.

In an interview today with Politico, Reid wants to completely disavow all the obvious conclusions one can draw from the recent election:

To hear Reid tell it, the party’s electoral collapse wasn’t a result of poor messaging or even a bad candidate. It stemmed from looser campaign finance rules, FBI Director James Comey and the influence of a few powerful individuals — namely the Koch brothers, his long-running nemeses. The outgoing Senate minority leader is unapologetic on behalf of his party, and remains resolute that Democrats don’t need to chart a new political course after their 2016 debacle.

“They have Trump, I understand that. But I don’t think the Democratic Party is in that big of trouble,” Reid said in a half-hour interview with Politico on Wednesday, one day before he’ll deliver his farewell address. “I mean, if Comey kept his mouth shut, we would have picked up a couple more Senate seats and we probably would have elected Hillary.”

To hear Harry Reid tell it, the Dems are the minority party in both US houses of congress, control only 33% of state legislative houses and only own the governorships of 18 states, because of James Comey.

Harry doesn’t want to even consider that the real reasons are that people are fed up with “big gubmit” and its “solutions”. He doesn’t want to admit that the public viewed Hillary as very unlikable and extremely untrustworthy.

No, Harry prefers to remain oblivious to the facts.

He is due to step down at the end of his term.

The country and the state of Nevada would be better off if he would take that action now rather than waiting.

Harry Reid has been a thieving, lying pirate all of his life.

Go ahead Harry – do everyone a favor and walk the plank – now.

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