Gun Free Zones Are Killing Fields

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By Kelleigh Nelson:

Kelleigh Nelson

Whenever there is a shooting, the Left proposes gun control; but when someone is raped or murdered by an illegal alien, the same people never demand border control!

Gunfree school zones mean that attackers are the only ones who are armed. — Rush Limbaugh

To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens. — Adolph Hitler

When I was in high school in the early 1960s, we had a rifle club and students drove to school with their rifles on the backs of their trucks.  There was never a problem.  Our school was built in 1929 with an indoor rifle shooting range and swimming pool. The range is now gone, and there is a new pool in another part of the building.

In the passing of 50 some years, both our education and culture have drastically changed…and not for the better.

Judicial Watch Exposes FBI

Did the FBI drop the ball on the Parkland School tragedy?  President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, took them to task in his weekly update from Judicial Watch.  He believes this shooting could have been prevented had the FBI done their job.

The FBI was notified last September by blogger Ben Bennight when a user named Nikolas Cruz commented, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter,” on one of his videos.  Bennight lives in Mississippi and says he was “immediately” contacted by the local FBI office. He met with agents the following day. “That was the last I heard from them,” he told BuzzFeed.  As Fitton says, “The FBI didn’t follow up.”

Ann Coulter makes the case that the FBI is actually overwhelmed with the influx of immigrants and their crimes, that 46 percent of the mass shootings since 2000 were committed by first and second-generation immigrants. “America is hauling in over two million manifestly unvetted Third World immigrants every year, leading to a slew of FBI ‘Watch Lists’ with a million names apiece. In 2015, Director James Comey said that there were ISIS investigations in all 50 states — even Idaho and Alaska! And that’s just one terrorist organization.”

If this Parkland tragedy was the only issue with the FBI, they could possibly have a defense, but it is a fundamental issue that arises again and again and has cost countless lives.

In 2002, Judicial Watch represented an FBI agent, Robert G. Wright, who blew the whistle on the FBI’s incompetence and maleficence.

FBI Corruption

The FBI is supposed to protect American citizens, but the corruption at the top level with the Russia collusion scandal, the illicit targeting of Donald Trump, the coverup of the Clinton email and uranium one scandals suggests protocols are not followed.

Fitton says, “The leadership of the FBI spends most of their time figuring out ways to hide documents from the American people and Congress, targeting the President of the United States, and battling any efforts at accountability. Is it any wonder then that they don’t get into the nitty-gritty of making sure appropriate steps are taken when someone in the agency is tipped off about a person who may shoot up a school?”

“There are 17 people dead because the FBI failed to do the job that Americans rightly expect from it, and if the agency doesn’t do its job, why do we have the agency?”

Warnings Missed

In the Omar Mateen terror shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, 49 people were shot and killed.  Mateen had been on the radar of the FBI and they had actually interviewed him.  Judicial Watch received documents from local law enforcement who spoke to the FBI and who told them that Omar Mateen was not a terrorist.  “Not” was capitalized, and the FBI stated that Mateen was unlikely to go postal. That was just 2 ½ years before he shot up the nightclub.

How about the Boston Marathon Bombing where the FBI had information and warnings about the two terrorist Tsarnaev brothers who ended up killing four people and injuring hundreds in Boston.  And we can go all the way back to 9/11 where if the FBI had followed the leads they had been given, the 9/11 horror could have been prevented.  Judicial Watch was heavily involved in what went on there. FBI Director Mueller worked to cover up the connection between a Florida Saudi family and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Under Robert Mueller’s reign as FBI Director, Anwar al awlaki, whose name is used to recruit terrorists across the internet today, was an American citizen who was assassinated by drones.  He was the most important terrorist leader other than Osama bin laden.  It looked as though he was a confidential informant or asset for the FBI in the United States, and it was clear he was involved in 9/11, but the FBI thought better of reining him in and he fled the country.  He was also behind the Ft. Hood shooting of unarmed soldiers and the underwear bomber.

This “gun-free zone” type policy on military bases can actually be traced back to Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5210.56, signed into effect in February 1992 by Donald J. Atwood, deputy secretary of defense under President George H. W. Bush.  Maybe the military should reconsider their own “gun-free” zones since it cost the lives of 13 people and injured another 30.

Past FBI Failures

Americans seem to have short memories.  Past FBI failures include the Murrah Building bombing, Ruby Ridge, the Waco siege, Cliven Bundy and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, the attempted murders of Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, and so many others.  Link

Let’s not forget Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt. He served two combat tours in Viet Nam, reaching the rank of Sergeant, was honorably discharged, earning two Bronze Stars, a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts.

The FBI targeted him in a cointelpro operation, which aimed to “neutralize Pratt as an effective Black Panther Party functionary.” Elmer was charged with a murder he didn’t commit, (he was 350 miles away at the time) the trial was a sham, marked by the prosecution’s deceitful withholding of exculpatory evidence (sound familiar?) and the presence of a government spy, still unidentified, inside the defense team. He was convicted and spent the next 27 years — eight of them in solitary confinement — in prison. During those years, there were multiple attempts to murder him.

Two lawyers, Johnny Cochran and Stuart Hanlon finally freed this innocent man and proved that the FBI and the government spy had set him up. The FBI was sued and had to pay millions to Elmer Pratt.

Jack Olsen wrote the story about this amazing man, Last Man Standing, the Tragedy and Triumph of Geronimo Pratt.

Killers Target Gun Free Zones

Would you put a “Gun-Free Zone” sign in front of your house?  I highly doubt it, so why do we put these signs on our schools, hospitals, government facilities, etc. to become mass murder targets?

Since at least 1950, all but two public mass shootings in America have taken place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In Europe, there have been no exceptions. Every mass public shooting, and there have been plenty of mass shootings in Europe, has occurred in a gun-free zone.

These killers might be crazy, but they aren’t stupid. Picking defenseless targets means being able to kill more people.  Many killers have explicitly stated this reasoning, including the 2015 Charleston, S.C., church shooting, the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., and the 2015 attack in San Bernardino, Calif.

In March 2013, 86 percent of police officers surveyed by PoliceOne, the 450,000-member private organization of police, said that casualties would have been prevented if legally-armed citizens had been able to carry guns in places such as Newtown and Aurora.

John Lott is the head of the Crime Prevention Research Center, an organization dedicated to providing an objective and accurate scientific evaluation of both the costs and benefits of gun ownership.  In this article, Lott tells us the truth about mass shootings that the so-called “mainstream” media won’t report.

Government Education Propaganda

Once upon a time in America, parents could send their children to school to learn the three “R’s.” Our youngsters are now fed socialist propaganda on a daily basis. Disrespect for human life is taught in all government schools and our universities are bastions of Marxist theology.  It is why students are now demanding the destruction of our God given second amendment rights.

Phonics went out of fashion in the 1960s and whole word language came in.  It is why so many are functionally illiterate today.  Why Johnny Can’t Read, was written in 1955 by Rudolph Flesch, and is even more valid today.  Link

Phonics logics the young mind, and the socialists do not want children taught to read and think.  Cursive writing is gone, so today’s young people cannot sign their names to a legal document.  The anti-phonics crusaders were, to put it bluntly, the globalist establishment, and now we’re into the third generation of deliberately dumbed down Americans.

It starts in kindergarten. Today’s children are brainwashed with leftist propaganda in environmentalism, social justice, and sexual perversion. Our education system has been changed from one focused on academics and individual upward mobility.  The same principles used to train dogs or circus animals are now applied to human behavior.

Learning disabilities are prevalent resulting from the destruction of education, and so what have we done?  We’ve drugged the children, causing even more horrific problems.

Drugging our Children

Ever wonder how many of these youthful shooters are on anti-depressant drugs? Just about all of them, and yes, the side effects are violence and suicide. These drugs are even more dangerous if suddenly discontinued rather than tapering off them.  Link

On February 24, 2010, the Veterans Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Chaired by Rep. Bob Filner (D-San Diego) held hearings entitled, “Exploring the Relationship Between Medication and Veteran Suicide.”  Chairman Filner asked Dr. Peter Breggin to lead off with testimony about “Anti-depressant-induced Suicide, Violence, and Mania: Implications for the Military.”  Perhaps this is why we have so many veteran suicides today.  And Dr. Breggin says that psychiatric drugs for children and youth are another disaster.

Black box warnings have been on all anti-depressant, and psychotropic drugs since 2004, and the majority of school shooters were either on these drugs or had stopped them cold turkey.  Link  Link  There are any number of articles acknowledging that the drugs are often the culprits causing violence, not the firearms as America’s socialists want you to believe.

Eliminate Gun-Free Zones

Republican Colorado State Representative Patrick Neville, who survived the Columbine gun attack in 1999, is again introducing legislation to allow teachers to carry guns in order to thwart school shootings.  He identifies “gun-free zones” as the common denominator in mass shootings.  He hopes this time it will pass.

God gave us the right to defend ourselves.  Gun-free zones are killing fields and need to be eliminated. Teachers with concealed carry permits should be immediately allowed to carry in schools.  Those without concealed carry should be given the opportunity for training should they also wish to be armed.

As Ann Coulter said in her article, an immigration moratorium and widespread deportations would eliminate nearly half of the shootings.  Maybe then the FBI could focus on these delusional young men like Cruz, and especially those on black box psychotropic drugs.

© Copyright by Kelleigh Nelson, 2018. All rights reserved.

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