GOP Fails to Drain the Swamp, Paul Ryan re-elected House Speaker

The US Chamber of Commerce poster boy isn’t going to help Trump on anything of importance

D.C.'s Swamp
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

President-elect Trump has his work cut out for him once he takes office as our 45th president. In addition to RINOs in the senate like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Trump can now look forward to being undermined at every opportunity by the biggest RINO of all, Paul Ryan.

Ryan has been elected house speaker with virtually no opposition:

WASHINGTON—Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) won re-election as House speaker Tuesday in a 239-189 vote that showed House Republicans to be unified as their party takes the reins of power in Washington.

Mr. Ryan won the support of all but one House Republican, a strong showing amid a discordant fight earlier in the day among GOP lawmakers over the process for investigating alleged ethical breaches. Nine Republicans had voted against Mr. Ryan in protest in October 2015 when he succeeded Rep. John Boehner as speaker.

The vote, coming on the first day of the new Congress, also signaled that friction from the presidential campaign had healed. Some conservatives threatened last year to pull their support from Mr. Ryan after he drew distance from then-GOP nominee Donald Trump after video surfaced of Mr. Trump making lewd remarks about groping women. But relations among GOP leaders appear to have improved in the aftermath of Mr. Trump’s victory.

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While the vote was not unexpected, the notion that Paul Ryan is going to work hard pushing Trump’s signature campaign issues of building a wall and toughening our trade agreements is laughable. Paul Ryan has made a career from wealthy donors who are opposed to both populist messages.

The US Chamber of Commerce poster boy isn’t going to help Trump on anything of importance.

The reality is that Paul Ryan serves his own interest only, and that interest is becoming president himself – sooner, rather than later. That means he must ensure that Trump’s policies are not implemented, meaning a “failed” Trump presidency, so that Ryan can run against Trump in a primary for 2020.

In the meantime, the gutless wonders that make up the GOPe have – by re-electing Paul Ryan – demonstrated the need for term limits. It’s the only way we’ll ever drain the swamp.

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