GOP “Body Slam” Win in Montana Proves Trump Revolution Still Strong!

Body slamming a rude reporter didn't stop Gianforte

GOP body slam
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By John Lillpop:

John Lillpop
Associate Editor

Body slamming an annoying reporter didn’t stop Republican candidate from prevailing in his bid for Congress…

Mainstream media, joined at the hips with desperate Democrat loons, created a political narrative which postulated an abrupt end to the Trump Revolution highlighted by an ominious (for the GOP) loss of a Republican seat in the House of Representatives in a special election held in Montana on Thursday.

Expectations were enhanced when the GOP candidate, Greg Gianforte, took exception to offensive actions by a biased reporter and used a “body slam” to take down the offending reporter down, an act for which Gianforte was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor assault just hours before the polls opened for the election.

Surely, Gianaforte’s violent outburst would seal the election for his Democrat opponent, Rob Quist, or so the mainstream media and Democrat partisans reasoned.

In expectation of a Democrat win, the media started work on an obituary to herald the end of Donald J Trump and the return of sanity to American politics, via an all but certain impeachment of the new president.

Along the way, the Donald’s good luck came through and the good people of Montana sided with Gianforte, notwithstanding his “Body Slam” antics.

As reported by the Associated Press:

Greg Gianforte, a wealthy Montana Republican who was charged with assaulting a reporter on Wednesday, nonetheless won the state’s lone seat in the House of Representatives on Thursday, according to The Associated Press, in a special election held up as a test of the country’s political climate.

Mr. Gianforte, 56, was widely seen as a favorite to win against Rob Quist, a Democrat and country music singer. But he seemed to imperil his own candidacy in the final hours of the race after he manhandled a journalist for The Guardian.

Addressing the altercation for the first time late Thursday night, Mr. Gianforte apologized to the Guardian reporter, Ben Jacobs, by name, acknowledged he “made a mistake” and vowed to the state’s voters that he would not embarrass them again.”

All of which proves conclusively that the revolution started by The Donald has resonance with the American people especially when it comes to dealing with Democrats and reckless members of the press!

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