Funded by Soros: The ACLU’s army of ex-cons…Former prison inmates canvass voters and press for the ACLU’s radical agenda

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Billionaire agitator George Soros has funded the ACLU’s efforts with millions of dollars in his efforts to stop Trump’s agenda…

Washington Times — Not content with filing nuisance lawsuits all over the country, most of them aimed at thwarting the Trump administration, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is plunging into local political campaigns.

In Philadelphia, about 40 ACLU ex-con canvassers like Mike Twiggs, 59, who served 41 years for murder, knocked on doors and distributed literature keyed to the Democratic primary election last Tuesday in which voters selected newcomer Larry Krasner as the district attorney candidate. Mr. Twiggs was featured in a May 16 Politico article about the ACLU’s new initiative.

The ACLU sure picked the perfect city for a test run because Philadelphia’s election officials refuse to remove those civic-minded individuals behind bars despite Pennsylvania’s prohibition against incarcerated felons casting ballots.

We know this because a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) in April against the City of Brotherly Love forced open its felon-heavy voter rolls. Before a recent Third Circuit three-judge panel, not only did the city’s attorney reject the idea of removing felons from the rolls, she said they could probably vote right there in prison if someone wheeled in a polling place.

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