Forward Into The Abyss

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By Larry Wilke:

A calm and docile nation yawns..  If the election of but a few days ago proves anything, it proves that the nation has a very high tolerance for self inflicted masochism..  What do we have to look “forward” to?  Nothing more than an amped up version of the liberal lunacy that was “hope and change”..

I suppose that asking “who knew” has become irrelevant as the entire WORLD “knew” nine weeks ago that the American Embassy in Libya was attacked through a coordinated TERRORIST attack, not over some imaginary video on the Internet that had been available to the sensitive eyes of the Mooselims for almost an entire year..  OWEbama and his Marxist marionettes, the fifth columnists of the fourth estate, didn’t have to work that hard on their “cover up” as the nation, proven unequivocally by the election results, didn’t seem to CARE.

Based upon the liberals “actions” starting in early 2009, the left knows that an immediate deluge of socialist strychnine is easily forgotten four years later..  In the case of the Docile States of America, things done or not done by the “correct” people, are of no political consequence whatsoever..

Right off of the Bolshevik bat in 2009, OWEbama and the wrecking crew began their “Target America First” program and the “$787” billion dollar Scamulous started “working”..  Then it was on to the “takeovers” of GM and on to such Marxist masterpieces as the “Cash for Clunkers” program..  This endless litany of abject failures from January of 2009 onward failed to impress the electorate in 2012..  The left KNEW that their “window” for hi-jinks would close in 2010, highlighted by the election of Scott Brown to replace the extinguished Ted Kennedy..  Please note that Brown LOST his seat in 2012..  The days of “consequences” relative to the destructive Democratic political proclivities seemed to end in 2010 and the idea of a Republican candidate with firm conservative provenance seems to have ended in 1979 as well..

No sooner had the Bolshevik bunting been burned after the “election” of 2012, we had the socialist skeleton Harry Reid (who physically reminds me of comedian Jeff Dunham’s dummy “Achmed the dead terrorist”..  “I kill you..”) claiming that OWEbama and the Democrats had a “mandate” to RAISE TAXES..  No commotion, no fury, just silence..

I believe that a “mandate” can LOGICALLY be attached to a “landslide”, not by as slight a margin of victory given to the demented Democrats, but such leaps of illogic have become the “norm” within a political world dominated by the liberal left..  Meanwhile the PERMANENT effects of the OWEbama photo op in New Jersey STILL hasn’t managed to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy and no one cares..  “Fast and Furious” to such a lethargic nation isn’t a Democratic political failure, it’s a nonsensical movie from 2001 about “street racing”..

Using January of 2009 as their totalitarian template, the rush to “act” or even more tellingly NOT to “act”, is again in play for the liberals.  The AMT is choking the middle class, there will be no action to stop it and more importantly there will be no outrage over its effects from its victims.  The “fiscal cliff” which America has been sprinting towards since January of 2009, will be “acted” upon utilizing the Democratic default settings..  The Democratic “Tax the Rich Fuzzy Math of EXACTLY whom is ‘Rich’”, patented by Billy Bob Clinton who ended up taxing the “rich” in the $40,000.00 income range, will once again rear its ugly head..  The first salvos of the Health Scare Scam will be unleashed upon an ambivalent American public..

In the “real” world, this election means that the Democrats and OWEbama OWN their problems, they have “inherited” this mess from THEMSELVES.  However, “consequences” as a political reality have become as extinct as a Democratic capitalist..  There is no need to take responsibility when it is easier to blame those who are not to blame..

In preparation for what the left has in store and as a reinforcement of what took place for four “historic” years under OWEbama and the Democrats, a few companies have already announced that the effects of the last four years will cause even MORE to join the OWEbama unemployed..

Energizer is removing 1,500 jobs, a full ten percent of their workforce.  Mills Manufacturing (NC) (68 Americans).  TECO Coal Corporation (90 Americans).  The coal states should brace themselves for staggering losses, you were warned yet you voted for the job terminator who PROMISED to close your industry to the San Francisco Chronicle in January of 2008: “If someone wants to build a coal powered plant, they can its just that it will bankrupt them”..  Cap and Trade.) Exide Technologies (150 Americans), and on and on and on..

There is no longer any need for the fabrication of “jobs saved or created” because no one seems to care about “results”.  Then again, blaming the Republicans for everything has a proven track record of being effective as a distractionary technique to the easily distracted voters..

The “results” of the last four years belong to OWEbama and the Democrats.  NO ONE in HISTORY has had a worse series of results from which to campaign from, such a position of obvious political weakness, yet the miserable Marxists took two seats in the Senate and they again put the Dork Knight into the Slight House.  A nation that used to believe in WORK has been made to believe in “benefits” and the path to “benefits” goes right through the liberal Democratic Party.  Socialism is powered by the money of others and politicians always seek the path of least resistance and the nation’s middle class, victimized and punished for the last four “historic” years, are the path of least resistance when it comes to filling the coffers of the redistributionists endless empathy..

The election is over and now OWEbama can be more “flexible” with MedvedevPutin.. A proven narcissist, concerned ONLY with his “legacy” has again skulked into Washington with the help of the “impartial” suppressing fire of the media and to boot, he has dragged two more liberal Senators to help plant more IED’s into the American economy.. The Republicans continue to emulate the liberal Democrats as opposed to eviscerating them.. I had thought that I knew how smart the left is but actually I have underestimated how stupid the voters/victims are..

Go back to sleep, America..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2012. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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