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By Kevin Roeten:

Ferguson Different From Initial Reports

The Ferguson, Mo., police now have completely different results than initial reports.

Earlier, a 57-percent Black community initiated savage riots in Ferguson. “We’re not actually seeing the real story, the shop owners, black, white and brown, who are being terrorized and who are having their property looted.” This from Horace Cooper Project 21 {Black Conservative Commentary} , or “National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.”

This horrific racial torrent meant to divide races. Media, pundits, and agitators all fanned ‘hate’ flames. In Ferguson, forces sufficient to prevent riots from getting overzealous was characterized as “excessive force.” Police in this St. Louis suburb used tear gas, smoke bombs, Acoustic Weapons, curfews and dispersals to try to contain mayhem. Ferguson smoldered for 10 days where two people were shot, 31 arrested.

The Bible has in Proverbs {18:17}: “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” It warns us to be sure we hear from both sides and collect full information before we make up our minds. It’s likely the ‘rioteers’ in Ferguson never picked a Bible up.

Hate Flames Engulfing Everything

As in the old journalism saying, “if it bleeds it leads,” the desperate ratings grab by the networks exploited every weird angle to create stories. They were reporting information with no factual basis. Rushing to judgment, media gave the impression America is unfair, and how police will go out of their way to harm innocents.

However, data readily exists showing Blacks were being treated worse economically during all seven Obama years. “There is no doubt that under the present administration’s stewardship, it has been harmful for Americans, and Black Americans have felt it particularly painfully.”  Without question, Cooper said: “Black home ownership is sharply down. Black unemployment is sharply elevated. Black Americans’ savings accounts are dramatically lower. There’s almost been a 40 percent loss in total equity value among the typical black family compared to what they had during the eight years of the Bush administration. Black[s] need jobs, opportunity, investment, education far more than they need free health care, unemployment extensions or the other network of social services that this administration is putting forward.”

However, witnesses hoping to charge Wilson with murder, have changed their stories. Evidence has surfaced showing Wilson was attacked and severely beaten by Brown. He was high on marijuana very shortly after he robbed a convenience store. When Wilson tried to leave his car, Brown slammed the door shut to prevent exit. At some point Brown stopped, turned around, and confronted Wilson with angry epithets. Then, after taunting Wilson, he charged him.

Wilson Maimed By Brown Initially

Bottom line, Wilson received severe facial injuries and nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before Wilson fired his gun, per a close source. Over a dozen witnesses have supported Wilson’s account from police sources.

[“Do you care that two officers were shot in Ferguson? No, I care that Darren Wilson got away with murder.”—-from Black Ferguson resident] to light the fuse. The shootings occurred immediately after the Ferguson Police Chief

Ferguson was a racial powder keg, and Obama and Holder decided resigned. Holder’s DOJ report had accused him of “institutional racism.” After Brown’s death, Obama excused the violence and looting by Black rioters in Ferguson.

In the past few years, there have been 15 instances of whites being set on fire by blacks across 12 states, resulting in nine deaths. But these cases were underreported because political-correctness refuses to expose Black-on-White crimes.

‘KKK’ Resurrected By Ferguson

As Jesse Lee Peterson, WND, declared, it’s almost like hateful Blacks willfully resurrected the Ku Klux Klan. Angry Blacks attacking Whites was exactly like hatred driving the Klan. Instead of Whites attacking Blacks, racist Blacks are committing highly disturbing violence against Whites.

The Ferguson protests never was about “institutional racism.” Blacks were upset thinking a racist White cop killed an innocent Black. Even though Wilson was exonerated twice, Obama keeps telling the same lie, and many Blacks keep believing it.

There are dozens of instances of Black youths lately attacking Whites. The coined Knockout game – Wikipedia on Ask.com, is Ferguson on the cusp of a wicked race-relations ‘iceberg.’

Since Wilson has been cleared by a Ferguson Grand Jury and the Justice Department, Obama is trying to reclaim some degree of credibility. Now, Obama subtly indicated he got away with shooting an innocent Black. Still ‘insinuating’ Wilson was guilty, Obama’s refusal to admit there was no racial malevolence in the Ferguson shooting continues to intentionally racially divide.

Ferguson is only the beginning. Obama lit the match. America is on fire. Incredibly, some Americans still want Obama in office, Hillary to win the presidency in 2016, and America still supporting Obama because he’s Black. But he’s not a Black Republican.

I wonder how all those millions of babies who’ve been aborted through Planned Parenthood and supported by Obama and Hillary are going to make out.

Only those aborted souls will tell.  


Kevin Roeten can be reached at roetenks@CHARTER.net.

© Copyright by Kevin Roeten, 2015. All rights reserved.

Kevin Roeten
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