Facing America’s Population Challenge: What is Required—David Poindexter

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By Frosty Wooldridge:

Frosty Wooldridge

Book Review:  Facing the Population Challenge: Wisdom of the Elders by Marilyn Hempel

In 1970, at the time he received the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Norman Borlaug declared, “I may have bought humankind an extra 35 to 40 years with my Green Revolution, but if we do not move now to destroy the monster of population growth we shall destroy our civilization and our species.”

David Poindexter said, “Now, more than four decades on, it is apparent that Dr. Borlaug’s words were solidly on target.”

Borlaug’s green revolution unwittingly created a larger population growth “monster” across Africa and Asia that portends mega-starvation levels in the years to come.  When Borlaug made his statement, the planet held 3.5 billion humans. Today, at 7.2 billion and climbing to 10.1 billion, his deep understanding of humanity’s predicament plays daily on the world stage: 100 plant and animal species suffer extinction 24/7.    Two billion people live in extreme poverty and malnutrition.  Ten million children starve to death annually.   Climate destabilization threatens all human civilizations on the planet.  This planet’s oceans face accelerating acidification, which threatens all marine life.  An astounding 100,000,000 (million) sharks suffer death annually at the hands of humans. Rain forests burn off at a rage of an acre every minute.  The list grows exponentially.

If humanity expects to escape the population monster’s grip:

  • A much more widespread recognition of the dire fate that awaits Earth’s people if this threat remains on the back burner of global priorities.
  • A clear demographic diagnosis of the nature of the monster is needed.  Studies show that birth control faces male opposition, religious opposition and negative cultural traditions.
  • The mobilization planet wide of resources to bring into play the methods, which work, beginning with gender equity and the involvement of women on the planet.

Poindexter demonstrates where spreading drought threatens all human civilizations.   Famines of the past repeat their deadly intentions to manifest in the 21st century with greater numbers of humans at risk.  How about billions?  If you look around you, not a word from major media anywhere in the USA about human overpopulation.  It’s the last taboo. It’s a deadly last taboo.  It’s a taboo with no solution other than Mother Nature blasting the human race back into the Stone Age when oil exhausts itself.

In the mid 20th century, the Hugh Moore Fund sponsored a slogan contest.  The winning entry declared, “Whatever your cause, it’s a lost cause if we don’t stop population growth.”

Americans ignored that slogan as they ignored every warning since Thomas Malthus.  He addressed the equation of exponential human population growth to the arithmetic growth of food sources.  He could not imagine the biosphere damage of the 21st century with 80,000 chemical poisons, extinction rates off the charts, acidified oceans, contaminated air and  growth disruption of DNA by GMO production.

History will prove that we humans may have been the cleverest hairless apes on the planet, but we sure validate ourselves as the most arrogant and dumbest.

While Poindexter attempted to educate cultures with family planning and birth control via films and media, he watched the human race continue its exponential growth toward population oblivion.  Poindexter earned the Rogers Award for his tremendous work in the field of family planning.

But no matter how much he works for the betterment of humanity, the population explosion remains in full swing with no end in sight.

As a side view from the author of this review, I find it particularly galling via my travels through many countries of the third world, Asia and South America—that no matter how much distinguished individuals with lofty credentials present a clarion call to address human overpopulation—it doesn’t register with anyone around the planet.

This single water tower amidst a sea of houses in Baguio, Luzon in the Philippines represents the population related demands on limited water sources. (source)

With all the misery now descending on the United States of America via immigration from all over the world, you would think that a man of NBC’s Brian William’s brain power or dynamics of ABC’s Diane Sawyer or the travels of David Muir to famine-torn Africa or the wars for oil in the Middle East—somebody would speak up on the “root cause” of it.   But they don’t.  It means, the power of the Pope to squash any question of birth control for the past 50 years in light of relentless human starvation remains sacrosanct.    It means wrecking of Earth’s environment cannot be questioned and any opposition to the Pope’s power suffers a severe stomping at every juncture—just like the Pope silenced Galileo in the 1600s.

The Catholic Church (and other ancient faiths) illustrates humanity’s religious, cultural and intellectual absurdities codified into unbending power and ruthless disregard for the future.

Book:  Facing the Population Challenge: Wisdom from the Elders by Marilyn Hempel

Publisher: Blue Planet United, Redlands, CA

ISBN # 9780692212271

Cost: $14.95 paperback


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If you would like to make a difference, please join these organizations for the most effective collective action you can take:  www.populationpress.orgwww.CapsWeb.org ; www.NumbersUSA.org ;                                             www.TheSocialContract.com ; www.Fairus.org

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  1. Mr. Wooldridge brings all of the competing news topics into a single focus: human overpopulation. No other issue facing America or the world, means anything if overpopulation is not addressed soon and with all the determination we as humans can muster. His (Wooldridge) focus on the Catholic Church is poignant, especially in the face of the current and ongoing child abuse and degeneracy being displayed by the Catholic Church for all to see. This criminal organization must be rooted out of our society. Well done Mr. Wooldridge!

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