Chris Ruddy thinks we should give Jeb Bush a “second chance”

Newsmax CEO showing his true colors by posing with Bill Clinton
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By Chip McLean:

Newsmax founder Chris Ruddy is making an appeal for “conservatives” to vote for Jeb Bush. In his column today Ruddy extols Bush’s “leadership” abilities. Bush certainly is the leader in terms of campaign money spent with the least results to show for it (over $100 million and polling in single digits).

Ruddy also displayed glowing admiration for Bush wanting to be “inclusive” by “reaching out to Hispanics”…translated, he supports amnesty for future Democrat Party voters.

Ruddy sums up his column thusly:

With all of the noise in the current campaign, it’s vitally important we conservatives look for a leader with a strong track record, a real leader. (emphasis mine)

Surely the American people will look for these qualities come November — and Jeb has them in spades. 

We conservatives”? Jeb Bush is an amnesty supporting “big gubmit” RINO who dances to whatever tune the wealthy donor class and the US Chamber of Commerce play. He could only be considered “conservative” if you were comparing him to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. If this is what Chris Ruddy thinks “conservatives” want, then he needs to discontinue referring to himself as one.

Newsmax…just another word for establishment.

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