CHO Rapid Fire: Too Many Clinton “Coincidences” for Epstein’s “Suicide” to be Credible

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By Chris Adamo:

The most heinous aspect of all this is that the Clinton crime machine could not continue to operate in such a manner without widespread criminal collusion throughout the highest levels of government.

Chris Adamo
Associate Editor

A brief historical refresher is in order. During the 1990s, the Clinton Administration developed a much deserved reputation for lies and corruption, along with a pattern of flagrant mocking of the law and those attempting to enforce it. At times, the degree of lawlessness was so outrageous, it left opponents of the Clinton crime machine nearly speechless. And that was precisely the goal.

When being questioned in the Congress, Hillary’s most famous rejoinder was “I don’t recall,” delivered with a challenging smirk that telegraphed the message “I’m lying and you know it. But you don’t have the spine to assert as much or follow up on that basis.” In essence she gambled on the overriding timidity of those tasked to bring her to justice. To date, that’s been a safe bet.

Consider just a few of the Clinton scandals, none of which were ever truly pursued. Begin with Hillary’s cattle futures bonanza, in which she supposedly turned a thousand dollar investment into a hundred-thousand dollar windfall. Then there was the Vince Foster “suicide,” which was “investigated” by the DC Park Police, since Foster’s body was found in a wooded area of the District, though it was covered from head to toe with White House carpet fibers. Nothing to see here! Move along!

Kathleen Willey’s public accusation of sexual harassment by Bill, fully believable given his track record of such abuses, included a very ominous episode in which Willey was accosted by a man while she was jogging. He informed her that her cat was missing, and mentioned her children by name. This occurred two days before she was scheduled to testify regarding Clinton’s assault. Coincidence to be sure!

The Clinton “body count” has a well-documented track record reflecting either the worst of bad luck exceeding any realistic standard of astronomical odds, or a truly evil and soulless crime machine that relentlessly pursues its own indulgence and aggrandizement, while destroying anyone that poses any threat to it. The most heinous aspect of this is that the Clinton crime machine could not continue to operate in such a manner without widespread criminal collusion throughout the highest levels of government.

More recently, the truly cold-blooded nature of the Clintons was on display in 2013 when Hillary testified before the US Senate in the wake of the Benghazi disaster. Recall Hillary’s famous rejoinder “The fact is, we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?” Most outrageously of all, Hillary’s brazenness so stunned the Senators that they didn’t have a worthwhile response to her rhetorical question! No Hillary! It was because of a pre-planned and preeminent terrorist attack, of  which US intelligence was fully aware, yet pleas from the Benghazi consulate staff for assistance and protection were diligently ignored, since any trouble in the Middle East might be bad publicity for Obama’s ensuing re-election bid.

Hillary’s obvious ploy of selling influence while Secretary of State (an unconscionable betrayal of the country that endangered US security and cost the life of at least one foreign informant) exceeds any standard for treason. Yet this too has so far gone unaddressed, despite her contemptuous refusal to turn over subpoenaed evidence, and the physical destruction of devices where that evidence was stored (such deeds being actionable felonies in themselves).

A host of other names can be mentioned, from Ron Brown to Seth Rich. The pattern is obscenely consistent. Become a liability to the Clintons and somehow you’re going to die. So now, we’re supposed to believe that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, while being on suicide watch, a situation which requires 24/7 surveillance. Nobody was on hand, and the security cameras just happened to “malfunction,” precisely when Epstein decided to do himself in.

Ultimately, Hillary and Bill have gotten away with this unbroken pattern of criminality by virtue of their sheer audacity, transparently lying through their seditious teeth, while daring those investigating them to actually have the courage to call them on it. Question them on any topic, and their response is guaranteed to yield no information whatsoever, but instead only create a need to ask further questions. The pattern goes on endlessly, until investigators are eventually dragged down so many meaningless rabbit trails, with nothing to show for it, that all interest dissipates and the matter is dropped. Thereafter, anyone who mentions their disturbing lack of accountability for obvious crimes is mocked and dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Never forget Hillary’s devotion to the pernicious ideology of Saul Alinsky. It is there that you’ll find the essence of how she operates and has succeeded to date. Look for more of the same from the Clintons in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s dubious, but wholly predictable demise.

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Chris is the author of the new book Rules for Defeating Radicals – Countering the Alinsky strategy in politics and culture.

Email Chris: adamocommentary@gmail

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