CHO Rapid Fire: The July 31 Democrat “Debate” and the Big Picture

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(Editor’s note: CHO would like to give a “yuge” welcome back to Chris Adamo. Chris has recently completed a new book and is rejoining Capitol Hill Outsider as an associate editor.)

By Chris Adamo:

Chris Adamo Associate Editor

Forget the contrived melodrama of the Democrat “debate,” along with the disgraceful race-pandering and groveling before the gods of “political correctness.”…

To truly appreciate the dangerous absurdities of the Democrats’ July 31 debate, consider the specific moments deemed worthy of comment and response by the press in the wake of the event.

Tulsi Gabbord excoriated Kamala Harris over the clear abuses of power in which Harris engaged while Attorney General of California. But do not assume that any of this was truly about a concern over corruption in high office. Rather, it was a staged cat-fight, intended to impress a voting base that treats such events as little more than a reality TV game of “political survivor.” Both candidates have been happy to overlook the rampant criminality of fellow party members such as Obama, Hillary, and their cadre of enablers at the CIA and DOJ. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is under fire from the PC speech Nazis for referring to Harris as “kid.”

In terms of general policy, the goal of these leftist socialists was to outdo each other with their promises of government giveaways, without even the slightest concept of the cost of their generous squandering of your tax dollars.

Let the Fake News minions at CNN and the New York Times declare winners and losers, which candidates had the best or worst lines, and who now has the presumed “momentum,” while attempting to portray that stage full of ranting leftists as the worthy future of our nation.

The truth is that America cannot afford to let its fate be determined on such a basis. Real policy decisions will directly influence the lives of Americans for better or for worse, along with the nation’s standing in an increasingly unstable world. Such was the case during the dismal Obama years, when the nation and its economy were deliberately stifled and choked. In the same sense, America’s resurgence to economic viability and international standing during the tenure of President Trump have been no less a direct result of the pro-America, pro-freedom, and pro-capitalism mindset which he unabashedly touts at every opportunity.

So forget the contrived melodrama of the Democrat “debate,” along with the disgraceful race-pandering and groveling before the gods of “political correctness.” Those are only a tiny foreshadowing of the horrendously bad policy making that would be the result if any of these poisoned leftists were to seize the reins of power.

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Chris is the author of the new book Rules for Defeating Radicals – Countering the Alinsky strategy in politics and culture.

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