CHO Rapid Fire: The Appalling Predictability of the El Paso Aftermath

Cory Booker, who is one of a number of Dems already blaming President Trump for the El Paso shootings
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By Chris Adamo:

Chris Adamo Associate Editor

Let every sanctimonious Democrat who runs to a microphone and camera in the wake of El Paso be seen for who they really are…

So another horrific and senseless bloodbath has taken place at an El Paso shopping mall. Sadly, the horror seems a bit too “familiar.” But the outrage of the event hardly ends there. Just as recognizable is the brazen leftist Democrat grandstanding that is already happening, not as grief or compassion for the actual victims and their families that leftists pretend it to be, but as shameless opportunism by political monsters who are gleeful and eager to seize the moment for a chance to be in the spotlight. Their calculating and posturing verges on being reptilian, and proves that they have no interest in getting to the real cause of this issue or any issue, but only intend to exploit such things for political gain.

A few predictions that can be confidently made even before all the specifics are known: The vile individuals who commit such savage acts are never NRA members or “right wing” conservatives from our side. We simply don’t think that way or behave that way. The callous disregard for innocent human life, the self-absorption and bitterness, and the raging turmoil against reality when it doesn’t align with their worldview are all inherent character traits of the left.

It is already being reported (though not on the “mainstream” media) that the shooter’s party affiliation on social media was suddenly changed from Democrat to Republican in the aftermath of his apprehension. Clearly, the leftist political machine doesn’t want anyone to connect the dots between their morally bankrupt philosophy and his ability to commit cold-blooded murder.

Even the shooter’s supposed claim of being a “white nationalist” rings totally hollow as an indication of being on the right. Conservatives seek to maintain our national identity, on a cultural basis and not an “ethnic/racial” one as leftists falsely accuse. Moreover, we would do so by securing the border and deporting illegal foreigners, not by shooting our fellow Americans.

Once again, it is worth recalling that rare moment of honesty from Rahm Emmanuel, an Obama minion and Chicago Mayor, where gun control laws are strict, but the weekly murder rate regularly eclipses anything that happened in El Paso. According to Emmanuel “You never let a crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do otherwise.”

Let every sanctimonious Democrat who runs to a microphone and camera in the wake of El Paso be seen for who they really are. These people will do nothing to promote a societal morality that regards life as sacred, and civility towards fellow human beings as a virtue. Rather, they will strive to stoke more fear and anger, as a means of further trampling our rights and tightening their grip on America.

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Chris is the author of the new book Rules for Defeating Radicals – Countering the Alinsky strategy in politics and culture.

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