Capitol Hill Outsider has become known for its unique images that accompany many of the articles. A number of them have been circulated on the internet. Below you will find some of the more memorable – many satiric or amusing but hopefully all will make one think.

The Left-Wing Poltergeists Are Back

Leftist Crazies

Meryl’s Empty Theater

hateful Hollywood

Forrest Sizes Up Maxine Waters

stupid citizens

Blues Brother Hillary Explains Loss

Hillary Clinton cries

Life In The Balance

Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices

South Carolina Says Good-Bye…And Good Riddance!

RINO Nikki Haley

Lock Him Up!

Against All The Odds, Trump Wins

Donald Trump wins

Pulling Hillary’s Strings

Soros Hillary's puppet master

Network Bigwigs Discuss Megyn’s “qualifications”

Megyn Kelly

Eagle Forum -Phyllis Schlafly’s Legacy

Jihadist Vocational School

Sharia Law in America

Speaks For Itself!

leftist moderators

The Secret Weapon?

Hillary scandals

Hillary Sings Tammy Wynette

End Of The Wicked Witch Of The Left

Dianne Feinstein Explains “Sensible” Gun Control

Bureaucrats With Guns

Al Doing Some Fund Raising

Paul Ryan Wins “Coveted” Award

Paul Nehlen Paul Ryan

In Search of Skeletons

Abedin email irony

Merkel Hammers Home The Point

Europe’s eruption

Hillary the Grim Reaper

Hillary’s View of Life and Death

Famous Gun Control Advocates

Using Terrorism to Disarm America

Where Endless Immigration Leads

Immigration Hurts American Employment

$100 Million In Campaign Expense And 3 Delegates Gained

Bushes' sour grapes

Experts Agree!

The Main Event

anti-Communist Counter Revolution

That Explains It!

Rubio The Establishment Waterboy

Great Product For Kenyans

Eric Holder and Barack Obama Reprise “Hogan’s Heroes”

America’s Most Wanted

New York’s Sixth Crime Family

McCain, Grahamnesty and Rubio Star in…

Little Marco Story Time


They Sure Are Dedicated

voter fraud