California – Allowing Child Abuse By Legal Measure’s! Who’s Next?

Governor Moonbeam
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By Diane Kepus:

Diane Kepus

The obsession of “adults” in support of LGBT while using our children as bait is despicable and seriously on the edge of legislative pedophilia…

Then said he unto the disciples, “It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. — Luke 17:1-2 KJV

Governor Jerry Brown is not only a Communist, but falling very close to the definition of pedophile. Where are the parents? Too much sun? Where are the lawyers, judges and law enforcement agencies?

Jerry Brown is MANDATING the use of gay pornography in the California elementary schools in order to teach children about LGBT sex. For you see it is the LAW requiring a “fair, accurate, inclusive, and respectful” treatment of homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and lesbian Americans despite the historical insignificance.

Being respectful to people different than you is one thing, but teaching our children ANY kind of sex especially in grade school is child abuse and removing parental rights from parents through a law that every legislator who signed onto it should be impeached including their leader governor.

Is the man related to the Podesta Brothers?

He is not allowing a child to opt-out but mandating that California children must use LGBT textbooks in school. Elementary children – have you forgotten that is K-5 in some schools and other K-8.

What is the Communist mindset on putting our children’s daily lives filled with sex rather than education. These are the same freaks who willingly through legislation have funded the abortions of millions of babies – their own form of eugenics and population control.

Of course, if you lead all our children to LGBT then you won’t have to worry about over-population – just a multitude of sexually transmitted diseases among minors.

The textbooks are to include references to famous gay celebrities and public figures, as well as detail the various sexual choices a gay person has. I suppose this is to let the kids know LGBT is right even if its wrong if a celebrity is doing it.

“We’re not trying to make anybody gay; we’re not saying there’s an agenda; we’re not saying that these people are better than other people; what we’re saying is this is another group of Americans and they face certain prejudices,” said state publisher Mark Jarrett, whose history textbooks include special mention of the sexual preferences of historical figures like Jane Adams, Emily Dickinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, President James Buchanan, though it’s inconclusive if these prominent Americans were gay or not.

“I think we should say, ‘Buchanan, he never married. He had a very good friend who was living with him. He may have been gay,’” Jarrett added. “On the other hand, at that time, being gay was seen as something evil and wrong.” California approved the textbooks written by Jarrett, a Ph.D., to be used in the 8th grade.

Well Jarrett, surprise, surprise – so do half of the Americans in this country.

California approved the textbooks written by Mark Jarrett, a Ph.D., to be used in the 8th grade. Students will read that legendary stagecoach driver Charlie Parkhurst “was a woman who identified as a man,” according to Fox News. They will read that George Washington’s chief of staff Baron von Steuben “may have been gay,” and that poet Walt Whitman “was drawn to young men… but denied his same sex preferences in public.”

Critics say much of these accounts are speculation, but California rejected any publisher that didn’t mention the homosexual preferences or claims against historical figures in their textbooks. In one textbook, the state forced the publisher to add “lesbian” to describe NASA astronaut Sally Ride.

Interesting isn’t it that none of these examples are alive to defend or dispute the accusations or speculation.

Brown, at the age of 79, has either lost his mind, is borderline Alzheimer’s or a flying Gay himself. Jerry Brown has even signed a law that criminalizes using the wrong pronoun to identify a transgender person in a nursing home. If there was ever a time for a “book burning” this would be it.

What Brown’s attitude on sex regarding the gay lifestyle means to me is, he has like Pelosi and others turned their backs on the Catholic Church or are just blatantly ignoring the laws of the church.

Brown, a lifetime Catholic, even attended for a year Sacred Heart Novitiate, a Jesuit novice house, intent on becoming a Catholic priest. He spent four years under Jesuit teaching leaving in time to attend UC Berkley.

One must wonder under what brick this man gains his ideas with close friendships with individuals like Cesar Chavez and Jane Fonda.

Some of Browns recent intelligence? Decisions:

  • Convicted felons, a rising Democratic constituency, will now be allowed to vote in California while still behind bars in county jails as part of a so-called compassionate effort to “speed their transition back into society. Link
  • Brown doing his part on cutting down deportations, signed into law a new measure intended to reduce deportations of legal immigrants convicted of misdemeanors. SB 1310 limits deportations of noncitizens legally who have been sentenced with misdemeanors by lowering the maximum possible sentence for a misdemeanor by one day to 364 days, thus falling just under the federal definition of a felony (any crime punishable by 365 days or more). (I don wonder what Brown says to parents whose families are destroyed by illegals).
  • You can bet he endorsed Billary for President and will do anything and everything in attempting to destroy the Trump presidency.
  • A long-standing environmentalist, he denied climate change was the cause of the California drought which was probably a good thing since California cut the water off on their farmers themselves.
  • Brown is assembling scientists and lawyers “ready to fight” against Trump regarding Climate Change. Maybe he should have a meeting with Christiana Figueres, the Exe. Secretary of the U. N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), who warned in 2015 that the fight against climate change is a process and that the sought-after transformation of the world economy will not be decided at one conference or in one agreement. For some reason she felt the need to tell the world the Global Climate lie was created to transform the world’s economy to “redistribute the wealth” and “destroy capitalism”! Link

Maybe it is time for American born Conservative Christians to gather up their precious children and move them to a better place to live or impeach these legislators who seem to be being led by a dog chain as it is they who are making sure this garbage gets past.

What a reputation to be known by – “Child Abuse by Legal Measures”!

I find the obsession of these adults in support of LGBT while using our children as bait, despicable and seriously on the edge of legislative pedophilia. This must stop!

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