Back To Basics

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By Larry Wilke:

As another disgusting election cycle has ended, the Republicans are already beating the bushes as they look “forward” to 2016.. As has been the case with the “loyal opposition” for too long a time, a political hyperopia causes them to look BEYOND the midterm election of 2014 and on to 2016. Their new “fair haired child” from Louisiana has been demurely capturing headlines of late as he espouses either HIS personal mantras or the “new and improved” ones of the Republican Party. Neither option is at all particularly palatable..

It’s official: the Republicans are moving “forward” by adopting the imagery of George H. W, Bush’s “kinder, gentler” nonsense.. “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” ISN’T a clarion call worth hearing from the Republican “leadership” but it seems that this is all that they are offering up..

Leading this tone deaf “charge” is none other than Bobby Jindal and he wants to “teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony” just like the moony jibberish of the old Coke commercial of 1971. In this syrupy socialism, the politically correct assemblage of properly pigmented friends want to “buy the world a Coke” and if Jindal’s reformation to the “touchy feely” polluted politics of the Democratic Party is complete, the middle class will be buying the world’s Cokes with the Republicans blessing.. He wants to go “back to basics”.. Its more like going “back to Democrats”..

According to Fox News, Bobby says that “if we want people to like us, we have to like them first..” “Like”? Since when have politics become the equivalent of the mash note mentality so popular back in high school?

No matter what you do, not EVERYONE will “like” you.. This new “popularity contest” political think of the Republicans means that the middle class and the nation’s productive are now the “red headed step children” as the “Handout Hootenanny” will now go “forward” from BOTH sides of the aisle.. Wonderful..

Here is a news flash for Jindal: we (conservatives) “like” everyone. However, we “like” everyone to pull his or her own weight, to not become a BURDEN to society, to want to CONTRIBUTE to America, not be a financial detriment. We “like” people who come to America in order to become “Americans” not the hypenated pseudo-citizens who now have America pressing one for English, soon to be pressing “two”.. We don’t “like” the politics of the left which were wholeheartedly embraced by the Democrats decades ago so why is it that the “new” answer from the Republicans is to BE BETTER DEMOCRATS THAN THE DEMOCRATS?

One Carlos Gutierrez, former Commerce Secretary, has a better idea, a better idea than even the ones coming from Jindal, a more “nuts and bolts approach..” Not so sure about the “bolts” part..

Carlos wants to create a “Super Pac” to “support Republican candidates who back comprehensive immigration reform..” Liberalspeak interpretation: AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS. Carlos sees “11 million” ILLEGAL immigrants and he believes that these ILLEGALS will ALL vote Republican if only the Republicans look the other way and hold their nose on the issue of border burglary..

Since OWEbama has destroyed so many jobs, exactly what will these “new Republicans” be contributing to what was once America? OWEbama has been so successful at destroying the America economy that ILLEGALS have been going BACK across the border in order to find work. Why didn’t OWEbama boast about THAT accomplishment..

Now we must parse out a line or two from the article while we put the PROPER perspective on the words.. “The election of 2012 drove home trends that have been established for years..”” Exactly. What this REALLY means is that for generations, the left has transformed America from a nation of those who wish to “produce” to a nation of “charity cases”. “Benefits” became “rights” and “rights” MUST be controlled and disseminated by the government.. (This also means that they became PERMANENT as well..)

The left has systematically been “buying votes” from their base with OUR money and the Republicans believe that the answer to this travesty is to mimic it..

Tough times call for tough calls, ergo not everyone will “like” you. Imitating the Democrats is not a call that is made by a leader, then again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, isn’t it?

There was the usual hand wringing of how OWEbama landed “80 percent of the non-white vote” and the lowly Romney grabbed “59 percent of the non-Hispanic whites..” (“non-Hispanic whites”? Next stop; non-Black Koreans..) Therefore the answer is to pander to the newly legalized “minority” crowd in the hopes that they will NOT vote as their “friends” do and have done for generations.. Republicans, the article says, are “wrestling with ways to appeal beyond their base..” Wait a minute..

First off, the FIRST appeal should be made so that the ENTIRE “base” decides to show up to vote. Exactly how many “non Hispanic white” Republicans sat out the election? AGAIN, if 333,000 more of the “base” had shown up in just four states, this would ALL be as moot as Je$$e Jack$on..

As a member of the middle class, as someone who will claim to be mildly observant, WHY would anyone not cast the RIGHT vote after four years of complete and utter failure by OWEbama and his Democratic collectivist contemporaries, or better yet, why would anyone stay home? I personally feel that EVERYONE who was of voting age who did not vote should have to pay the taxes that I voted AGAINST. Their apathy determined my fate, they determined EVERYONE’S fate..

Gutierrez steamed “forward”.. “The Republican Party is a natural home for them..” (ILLEGALS) “First they have to be legalized.. Then you have to find a way to get into line for a green card..” Smashing.. The FIRST thing that Gutierrez wants the NEWLY hypenated-Republican Americans to do is “stand in line” which is EXACTLY what the Democratic voting base does in order to receive their “benefits”.. “Find a way”? I had no idea that the process to enter America LEGALLY was so clandestine..

Neither Guierrez nor Jindal can explain how ALTERING the Republican message in order to assuage these new hypenated Republican Americans won’t make the Republican base upset, therefore the old guard won’t “like” Guiterrez or Jindal.. Never mind, these two “forward” thinkers believe that “11 million” formerly ILLEGAL now LEGAL “Americans” will ALL vote Republican, more than making up for the defection of the old Republican base and they are left to sulk with the Ron Paul disciples..

Harkening back to Lyndon Johnson’s unsavory thought process (verbalized on Air Force One for good measure in relation to another group of minorities relative to civil rights reform) Carlos says that “if we get it right, the 21st century is ours..” I’m concerned as to exactly WHO this “ours” is..

The Republicans seem to be advertising that they have given up on the war as the alternative to the political genocide of the Democratic Party. The tectonic plates started shifting generations ago and “giving in” now in order to bribe minority voters with a promise of being “Democrat Light” means “giving up” on the Republican base.

We were once the victims of the Democratic debacles, if this transformation is complete, we will be the victims of the “new and improved” Democratic doppelgangers who used to be known as Republicans..

“Back to basics”.. What a novel idea..

© Copyright by Larry Wilke, 2012. All rights reserved.

Larry Wilke
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