Announcing, “Conservative Free Speech” – a Zuckerberg Free Zone!

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By News Desk Editor:

For some time now, we have been observing the systematic suppression and outright banning of conservative and Christian articles and posts by social media – particularly Facebook.

Capitol Hill Outsider is pleased to announce that we are fighting back – with a brand new forum: Conservative Free Speech, “a Zuckerburg Free Zone”.

Conservative Free Speech forum

This will be a place where conservative, Christian and non-leftist speech will be promoted.

You’ll be free to discuss politics and current events without being placed into “Facebook Jail”.

Speaking of which, one of the areas on the site is actually called “No Facebook Jail Here”, and you can post all the anti-left images, memes, jokes and so forth you want.

Getting in on this is simple, go to the forum and sign up for an account. It’s free, and we won’t share your information with anyone.

Let’s start fighting back!

Here’s the link again:

Conservative Free Speech forum

Register today.

Chip McLean
Capitol Hill Outsider

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