Already! Cops Invading Homes to Seize Guns!

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By Rev. Austin Miles:

OAKLAND, California (11/9/12) On the KTVU Ch 2 News at 10 PM last night, a brief clip was shown of cops going house to house, forcing their way in. The news anchor explained that they were taking guns away from dangerous criminals. It was a very short piece.

Today, there is not one word about it in the Contra Costa Times nor any other newspaper in the country. This has been hushed.


“New Flag of U.S.S.A.”

This has also been hushed. Within a few hours after being “elected” Obama re-opened the Small Arms Treaty discussions with the UN, which will strip all citizens from owning guns. Those who have guns will be forced to surrender them to your friendly swat teams as shown last night on Ch. 2 News. The new round of talks will begin in March, when the UN Treaty will be rammed through.

This was similar to Obama telling the Russian Leader quietly; “After my election, I will be more flexible.”

Stripping citizens of their guns has officially begun. Even though it was explained that the swat teams were seizing guns from “dangerous criminals,” that label has already been attached to Christians, patriots and constitutionalists. So you know where this is going. All Americans will become defenseless against government tyranny.

All of this was kept quiet until the voting was over, the same as the Benghazi murders that Obama could have prevented. We have seen the photos of Obama in the Situation Room watching the attacks on the Libyan Embassy and the murders as they happened.

Obama, again, was NOT elected to office. The voter fraud in the State of Ohio was overwhelming. Illegals bussed in to the voting machines with Democrat-given slates in their hands, voting machines that routed the votes from Romney to Obama, even three women who testified that when they went to vote they were told they had already cast their votes. They absolutely had not.

The success of this election for Obama was based on the same tactics used by The Roman Empire; Bread and Circus. Feed the people (food stamps-welfare) and entertain them ceaselessly, with whatever perverted thing that would appeal to them so as to occupy them so thoroughly that they would not pay attention to what the leaders were doing. By the way, The Roman Empire fell into the dust.

As soon as Obama was placed in office, the stock markets plunged. However Gun stocks rose. Smith & Wesson stock gained 9.6% and Sturn Ruger gun stocks went up 6.8%., .

Why has the House and Senate stated that they are ready to “compromise” with Obama? How many of them are in on this?

Why did Gov. Mitt Romney in the debates avoid asking the questions about Benghazi? Was he pressured by George Soros’ henchmen? This we also need to know.

The Benghazi question would have caused Obama’s defeat.

Romney said that 47% receive ‘entitlement’ income. This column thinks that the percentage is more like 50% who simply do not want to work but want to spend their time taking drugs, having unlimited sex and all babies that result being paid for by the government.

They are in for a rude awakening. They think Obama made it possible for them to continue in an unproductive life where they can freeload. Once the total take-over is implemented, there will be a knock on their doors. They will be told that they are not useful to the party and they will be FORCED to work, in jobs that the Party will assign, cleaning public toilets, sweeping the streets as well as hard labor. This is what takes place in a Communist ruled society.

Meanwhile, the government is purchasing millions of rounds of ammo with hollow points that expands on impact causing maximum damage. The ammo is being delivered to various branches of government including, Social Security! What?The ammo is being purchased through ATK Corporation. There are also FEEMA camps being constructed.

NOTE TO CHRISTIANS. God knew the outcome of the election and He will prevail. What Christians must do is devote the bulk of their time reading Scriptures, praying, and making sure that your pastors are preaching the pure uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will build the Spiritual defense we need. The church must be a powerful force, and we can make it be that. Otherwise, we can be conquered.. Pastors please take note. If we do this right we could see the greatest revival the world has ever known.

© Copyright by Austin Miles, 2012. All rights reserved.

Rev. Austin Miles
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Rev. Austin Miles, a certified chaplain-counselor, knows first hand what life under Communist rule is like, and never intended to get involved in political discussions or writing. Like the preacher during the Civil War who, at the end of his sermon stripped off his robes showing him dressed in a military uniform, picked up his rifle and marched off to war, Rev. Miles has stepped up to stop THE SOROS DEMOCRATS from goose-stepping America into Communist rule.