Will A “Merit Based System” For Immigrants Swell Into A CITIZENSHIP Litmus Test For All Americans? (Part 1)

So who decides what is "bad" behavior?

Intelligent Tutoring System
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By Anita Hoge: 

Anita Hoge

How do you catch a domestic terrorist without monitoring every person in the United States? Will the search for “bad” people be the catalyst for collecting psychological dossiers on every person in the USA?

There has been a flurry of articles swirling around China’s NEW “social credit” system that is being implemented to monitor its 1.3 billion citizens. [See documentation forthcoming in Part 3, ed.] But has the USA beaten them to the punch? Are we already using a secretly legislated and finagled system of surveillance with interventions looking for “bad” people? Of course, there is one main difference comparing the systems in both countries. China already has a known universal dossier on their citizens. They have announced they are expanding their system to “create a sincerity culture” based on an experimental scoring model utilizing rewards and punishments for “good” or “bad” behavior.

Uniquely different from Red China, but similarly sinister and unbeknown to its citizens, the United States is secretly implementing an oppressive, digital, dossier-like system on individuals. It is currently utilizing technical, psychological intervention systems in school classrooms across America. Both countries desire to create a passive, docile, compliant worker—starting with babies. [See Part 2 documentation]

I don’t think you are going to like to hear this. We already know that the IES (Institute For Educational Sciences) is collecting psychological dossiers on our children through the Common Core non-academic standards. This data-driven effort could turn out to be a more cost-effective and comprehensive monitoring system if it uses an immigration “crisis” as the rationale to collect private information – not just on immigrants, not just on children, but on ALL AMERICANS.

President Trump’s tweet about Nick Adam’s Green Card Warrior, that said Canada and Australia’s “merit based system is the way to go,” struck me like a lightning bolt. I had warned Pennsylvania parents about the dossiers that the government was collecting when I wrote a memorandum in 2014 called the “Moratorium on Data” to former Governor Corbett. [See here] At that time I also shared the IES contracts for every state so that citizens could find out just how far the data collection system had been developed in their state, circa 2014. [See here]

The social, emotional, and behavioral intervention and monitoring system being put in place through the Department of Education and the Department of Defense’s Intelligent Tutoring System should have parents screaming. Be sure to click on these links to see the ominous scope of this program. [Source-pdf] See also the “Emotionally-Sensitive Intelligent Tutoring System” at the University of Memphis’s Office of Technology Transfer [Source-pdf] (Emphasis added to graphic exhibit)]

Not only is the United States government collecting private sensitive psychological data on your children and your family, the government is also funding research to use computers to “correct” human personalities, and to adapt your children toward government-preferred attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions. Free data is being shifted to robber barons intent on destroying the minds and souls of our children. Their profit motive drives them to use unethical and illegal privacy-invading tactics. Former President Obama’s previous Executive Order unlocked data to be shared.

Meanwhile teachers are being trained to target your kids looking for “bad” behavior, and they are initiating techniques conditioning children to a collectivist mindset, inputting personal data entries daily into state computer systems. Restricted file use was expanded to 3rd party vendors, which ties data to the federal government’s freebie data warehouse. Unique national ID’s are the key to nationalizing an individual dossier on every citizen.

This is being implemented under the guise of “citizenship.” Many of you reading this will ask the question, what’s wrong with teaching children how to be “good” citizens? We don’t want our children to be “bad”! Stop! You are thinking “old school”. Your government has changed the definition of what CITIZENSHIP is. This tactic of using false and deceptive words—even giving them a new opposite meaning in order to mislead—is nudging parents to agree to principles surrounding good-sounding terms like character, grit, ethical judgment, and CITIZENSHIP when, in effect, the new meanings are based on collectivism and group thought.

Children are the guinea pigs. This agenda is all coming in through education. Our nation’s youngest are most vulnerable for exploitation. What goes on in the classroom? Do parents even know? Do you parents and citizens know how the government tests, scores, and changes your child’s attitudes and values?

According to NAEP, the National Assessment for Educational Progress overseen by the IES/National Center for Education Statistics, the research on defining standards and evaluating CITIZENSHIP is profoundly different from a parent’s definition of being a “good” citizen. When NAEP was testing attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions in the model state of Pennsylvania, via the Educational Quality Assessment (EQA) test, the contracted test maker, ETS, and behavioral scientists DECIDED what the standard criteria would be for measuring values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions, using a “minimum positive attitude”. The following was their definition of CITIZENSHIP—the exact opposite of what parents would be thinking:

“To assess citizenship, a behavior-referenced model incorporating elements related to the psychological notion of threshold is used. In reference to citizenship, threshold refers to that set of conditions necessary to bring about the desired responses. Thus by varying the situation and introducing conditions of reward and punishment, we are able to determine the cutoff levels at which the student will display positive behavior. In this way it is possible to assess not only the students’ predisposition to behave in a manner consistent with responsible citizenship but also to provide some measure of intensity of that predisposition across a wide spectrum of situations.” [Emphasis added]

What are the behavioral objectives for “positive behavior” according to the government? (I have the scoring.) At what point will your child’s behavior be pressured enough to change? Will your child adhere to the “conditions” of “punishment”? What is the punishment? What is the government’s desired response in settings where your child’s best friend wants him/her to do something illegal? What loyalty does your child have to their best friend? His peer group? Will she go so far as to break the law? These tests are scored to “group goals, group efforts, and group action;” their words not mine. How does your child answer? What are the repercussions if your child does NOT score a “desired” attitude? Was it deemed a behavioral weakness? Reread the definition. What business does the government have in knowing your child’s “predisposition to behave”? And how is “responsible citizenship” being defined and assessed? These tests are nothing more than a “strip search” of your child’s inner mind.

So what are the test makers testing when they say they are testing GRIT or MIND SETS?


Many parents and teachers in Pennsylvania never saw the true meanings of what was being measured in the EQA until I filed my federal complaint against the Pennsylvania Department of Education for violating Federal law, although NAEP and big-wig behaviorists were the initiators.  Twenty-five years later the new research from the Department of Defense uses behavioral psychologist BF Skinner’s oppressive reward and punishment “teaching machines” (computers) to produce “good” little conditioned robots—exactly as Skinner conditioned pigeons in his laboratory. (He “conditioned” his own daughter, too, by the way, using horrific abuse.)

So, parents, do NOT accept whatever you are told without concrete parameters. Ask questions about the definitions and scoring of non-academic Common Core standards for nice-sounding terms like ethical judgment, self efficacy, responsibility, interpersonal skills, citizenship and GRIT. Things aren’t what they seem. Parents must insist that this madness stop. The lying and manipulation must be stopped.

Unprecedented Government Surveillance and Data Collection

Looking at the total data picture, it isn’t too far of a stretch to combine the seamless system of the processes already in place for children to create a complete dossier on every American citizen. This is in addition to the psychometric personality profile that we already know is being collected at school. This is exactly how a Merit Based System for immigration could work, too, using both education and census data. The foundation for this system is already in place:

  • Common Core data elements are exactly the same in 50 states.
  • Data is collected “womb to workplace.”
  • Common Core mandates that every child meet every standard… exactly the same proficiency.
  • Every child and teacher are given a national unique ID.

The state longitudinal data system (SLDS) starts with pre-natal to age 21. P-20 includes universal day care (Common Core for tots) into college (school to work aligned to workforce industry clusters). The system follows the individual into the workforce and aligns their wages to the cost benefit or loss, determining the worth (“human capital”) of that individual to the economy.

Subjectively scored social, emotional, and behavioral Common Core non-academic data is collected on children, tracked, and trafficked to 3rd party vendors, to research and develop perfected curricula and software to be used as interventions. FERPA, Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, was weakened with an OBAMA Executive Order 12866 that allowed Data Sharing agreements to align curricula with Common Core standards.

Local data collected by your teachers are digitized and automatically sent into the state student longitudinal data system that connects to the federal Common Core of Data lodged in the federal data warehouse and funded by the IES.

Teachers are coached in CHILD FIND, which are tactics carried out by Special Education teams looking for “BAD” children dubbed “emotionally disturbed”—the new definition identifying normal children with having a disability for not meeting government-prescribed social, emotional, and behavioral standards. Your children are being diagnosed free from clinical disorder, yet they are being targeted for personality change. Why is this?

Computer Adaptive Tutoring is validated software used to change personalities. It guides your child through a network of linear and circular labyrinths that end with inculcating the government-approved values, beliefs, and dispositions.

Recycling (remediating) children through these feedback loops in the system is constant. There are continual 3-tier psychological interventions performed in the classroom by teachers coached through training, called fidelity (Special Ed cadres). This means teachers are forced to perform perfectly, using teaching techniques from a SCRIPT, to be sure these “disabled” normal children meet government Common Core psychological standards. This is an onerous behavioral system of control. Teachers receive IMMEDIATE feedback on where the child has weaknesses. CONTROLLING the teachers is a must—the non-compliant teachers are weeded out. The IES develops algorithms to cross reference and diagnose the teacher or the child that needs remediated.

Validated “model” curriculum and tests assessing the worth of “human property”, measured in individual cost effectiveness to the economy, are used by teachers, who immediately use a feedback control loop to correct deficiencies in student whole-child make-up. (Example: head, heart, hand… beliefs, feelings/emotions, behavior… think, feel, act… robot compliant child… but very well-behaved).

ESSA expands mandates called “direct student services” carried out by IDEA (special education services definition in ESSA) to identify all “disabled” children and direct those services to children in any public, charter, private or religious school. (New mental health behavioral definitions allow schools to bill for mental health. MEDICAID is set up at school for Common Core psychological services which will expand into home and family case management.) Medicaid is FREE money from the federal government for schools to identify MORE and MORE “disabled” normal children who need government intervention.

“Meaningful public school choice” (legislated in ESSA and further being expanded by President Trump and Secretary DeVos’s agenda) is Title I CHOICE funding. The new definition of “poor” is all children under the watchful eye of federal financial assistance that “follows the child.” Choice stipends identify the child and direct interventions towards the government Common Core standards of attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions—mandating that ANY AND EVERY school use these federal guidelines. Everyone is a number.

NAEP combines demographic and “psychological IES education data” into the new national census, no more door to door.  All citizens in the United Sates are identified, tracked, and trafficked in data mining escapades from school to workforce into retirement. This progressive system will have every persons’ psychometric dossier in 15 years or much less. No Child Will Be Left Behind and Every Student Will Succeed… into adulthood with this government blueprint.

Everything is moving toward the government monitoring each and every individual citizen… and implementing individual continuous brain cleansing. And eventually that means you and your family.

© Copyright by Anita Hoge, 2017. All rights reserved.

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