Welcoming America An Unwelcome View of America

Vague words have an underlying deceptive agenda

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By Charlie Lyon:

Charlie Lyon

Several documents have surfaced in my county regarding an initiative to declare a local community a “Welcoming City.” One of the documents is titled “Welcoming Cities Agenda.” Merriam-Webster defines agenda as “an underlying, often ideological plan or program”. So the question begs: Whose agenda? Why an agenda? What is the purpose and goal of the agenda?

According to Stephanie Slaughter, an employee of the local college, her intent is to “simply assist the immigrants and refugees ​ into the community through the implementation of policies outlining specific processes utilizing the best and greatest plan for aide. ​ ” Additionally, she wants to work with local schools in the creation of policies to teach the English Language to immigrants and refugees. Her aim is to influence the “stakeholders” of the community in deciding what kinds of speakers to bring to the community ​ to “educate” Gratiot Citizens on various cultures.

Why should US citizens be concerned with efforts by both the Federal and state governments to bring tens of thousands of refugees from war torn countries and relocate them here? Why are Michigan state legislators turning a deaf ear to questions it’s citizens raise about the issue? Is an initiative by a well meaning citizen of Gratiot County something to be concerned about?

Clearly, immigration was and continues to be a difficult election year issue. The candidate who won the presidential election in an electoral landslide (which means the property owners in the populated landmass of the USA resoundingly supported him) did so precisely because he stood firm for the Rule of Law and made it clear that people who want to come to this country must abide by our laws. A reasonably sane person should see that as a reasonably simple concept. Yet Trump and his supporters continue to be vilified by the media and the political left who refuse to accept the fact that We The People are still capable of self determination!

But what the progressive left can’t achieve through honest debate and the electoral process they attempt to do through deception and trickery. The Welcoming Cities Agenda​ is a perfect example. It is a “Non-Governmental Organization” (NGO) backed by globalists like the Clinton Global Initiative and C.A.I.R. (Center for American Islamic Relations) that targets local communities and preys upon the natural trust and openness of small town folks.

The “Welcoming Cities” document, along with Information found on the Welcoming America website sheds even more light on the “agenda” and their true intentions. The words seem benign and inviting, and that is the problem we face as a community. Take for example:

Welcoming America An Unwelcome View of America By Charlie Lyon ​ “​WELCOMING CITIES & COUNTIES. Our member municipality program offers learning exchanges on national and international levels. Through your membership, you’ll have access to government leaders across the nation who are creating immigrant-friendly, welcoming communities ​ . We invite you share ideas and goals and help us make our country a more prosperous and welcoming place.” (The Site offers strategies to achieving their agenda including:

● Advance the communities global welcoming profile

● Ensure equitable access to basic services

● Build immigrant leadership, engagement and inclusion

● Foster a knowledgeable, safe and connected community


These are pretty basic English words with which most of us are familiar. But why is the meaning behind the words elusive? An elusiveness that reminds us of when the American people were first introduced to the words “fundamental transformation”. Not a few of us wondered aloud, “What does that mean?” and after eight years we understand quite clearly that it means the people behind those words do not share our love and appreciation of the ideals, character, history and founding of this nation, the Rule of Law, or the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.

They hold an ideology that disguises insidious actions with clever words. It is an ideology that demonizes those who disagree and pits Americans against each other. It is an ideology that views those Americans as “deplorables” who don’t want their so-called transformation. It coordinates opposition (often violent) against its enemies and is not the Spirit that formed the nation to which people from around the world clamor to come into. It is the spirit of “Democratic Socialism” and it is the motivating force behind the “Welcoming Cities Agenda.”

If you understand the ideology behind efforts like Welcoming Cities or Sanctuary Cities you’ll understand the danger it poses to communities across the country including Alma. It’s easy to believe that the increasing unrest and violent, senseless attacks on people quietly living their lives in other parts of the country and world could not happen in small town USA. But the stage is set when we are not vigilant to protect and defend the ideals of America. Recognizing threats against these ideals is the first line of defense. Listed below are ways to respond to community “leaders” intent on promoting a false view of America.

\1. The “Agenda” implies we are not a welcoming people.​ It uses emotional ploys to try to try to shame the most generous people on earth into accepting their insidious demands, and redistribute our hard earned money in the name of “inclusiveness.”

2. The “Agenda” uses Centralized Planning vs Individual Choice in the Marketplace to achieve its ends.​ Notice how “leaders” will plan and implement this agenda. America is not a “democracy”; it is a Republic. A democracy depends on charismatic leaders to emotionally connect with the masses, a Republic elects representatives. “Leaders” impose their plans using psychological techniques to create the illusion of widespread community acceptance ; Representatives, through debate and dialogue, implement the will of the people.

3. The “Agenda” undermines the rule of law.​ Law has a simple objective: to protect persons and property. Under our constitution everyone is to be treated equally under the law and that produces a level of trust in the society that makes the rules it expects everyone to live by. That trust is violated when Law is replaced by people who deem themselves above the law and impose their views on others.

4. The “Agenda” promotes “non-governmental organizations’” solutions over a people and governing system that has been the marvel of the world. ​A representative government can be a slow and cumbersome way to get things done, but it also protects from charlatans and idealogues imposing a false view of America on its citizens.

5. The “Agenda” represents an ‘Open Borders’ worldview, where national sovereignty, history, language, property rights, rule of law, and individual liberty is subjected to global dominion. ​The people of Great Britain voting to leave the bureaucratic tyranny of the European Union, should serve as an example of what happens when a country gives up its sovereignty to the whims of Elitists who never have to live with the consequences of their mandates.

6. The “Agenda” assumes “refugees” ripped away from their own homeland and property naturally want to acclimate and embrace American values and language.​ Most second generation immigrants who come to the USA, legally, do indeed adopt the language and lifestyle of the country they’ve adopted. Europe is experiencing the problem with refugees who form “states within” their state and refuse to assimilate into the culture.

7. The “Agenda” assumes Americans do not have the right to defend their person, faculties or property. ​Since America’s founding we’ve assimilated people from around the world into the “melting pot” of American ideals. Our laws are designed to allow people, through productivity, to acquire possessions and create prosperity for themselves. Progressive leftists keep hammering the Wealth Inequality drumbeat and convince too many of our countrymen they are the only ones capable of deciding what is “fair.”

8. with the “needy” puts pressure on property owners to cave in to attempts to plunder and redistribute our wealth.

A national writer compares “Welcoming Cities” with “Sanctuary Cities”:

“Welcoming Cities” has been compared to the sanctuary cities movement, but really, it is far worse. Sanctuary cities feature an act of law, a formal policy whereby police are restrained from enforcing immigration laws by cooperating with federal officials. “Welcoming Cities” is a scheme to flood communities in the United States with as many immigrants as possible, legal and illegal, without regard to public safety and public health.” -Gina Loudon, World Net Daily (Read more)

Here’s advice for Ms. Slaughter: trust the people and system of governance that has made America the most welcoming and generous nation on earth rather than “non-governmental organizations” like Welcoming America to provide lasting and genuine help to those in need.

© Copyright by Charlie Lyon, 2016. All rights reserved.

Charlie Lyon
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