US Chamber of Commerce Facebook Ad Backfires!

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(Press Release: ALIPAC) — With the US Chamber of Commerce recently announcing a seven digit advertising purchase featuring Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) trying to sell the illegal immigrant amnesty legislation found in Senate Bill 744 to conservatives, some of the ads are running on Facebook and receiving the opposite response the Chamber of Commerce and Marco Rubio hoped to illicit.

At the time of this release, the Facebook ad tied to the US Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page and launched on June 24 had received over 1,100 comments of which more than 95% are negative in nature! A review of the comments makes it clear that the ad has backfired and that the vast majority of people commenting oppose the bill Marco Rubio and the Chamber of Commerce are attempting to pass!

“It is clear from the fervent angry responses on Facebook that the US Chamber of Commerce ad has backfired and that Americans exposed to the ad are going to hold this support for amnesty for illegal aliens against the group in the future,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “We need to find out where all this money the Chamber is spending is coming from and work as a nation to put an end to these groups trying to sell the American public a bill that will cost Americans our jobs, wages, taxpayer resources, lives, and national sovereignty!”

The ad reads, “Call your member of Congress today to support conservative immigration reform. 202-224-3121,” and features a video of the commercial with Marco Rubio claiming that amnesty legislation is needed to prevent “Defacto Amnesty.”

Here are some of the last few comments at the time of this release that are similar to 95% of the current 1,100+ comments left beneath the Chamber of Commerce Ad…

Carol D Williams I don’t support ANY immigration reform until the borders are 100% secure!
— J.w. Mayfield No…no amnesty, no immigration bill….use the laws we have already on the books. We cannot afford 11 to 30 million more “citizens” we can’at even take care of the ones we have…
Jason Cordova Call to support!? You’re nuts. Call that number and demand your senator votes NO.
Keith Turney I support physically securing the border, enforcing the laws that are already on the books, and THEN having a discussion regarding the people already here.
Clifford Krimmel I’m going to urge any member of the chamber to NOt rnew it’s membership, if the Chamber continues to support such harmful bills.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
would like to know if Facebook is giving the US Chamber of Commerce special ad rates or free advertising since both Facebook and Google are supporting the amnesty too?

The significant, intense, and graphically one sided backlash against the US Chamber of Commerce ad featuring Marco Rubio on Facebook shows that the Chamber and Rubio are attempting to use their deep pockets and influence with large corporations to pass a bill (S. 744) that is opposed by most Americans and most conservatives due to the harm it will cause them and the nation!

The US Chamber of Commerce expensive ad has backfired just like Senate Bill S. 744 will backfire on the American public if it is ever signed into law.

Please review all of the comments at this link……51768908464529

ALIPAC calls on all current members of the US Chamber of Commerce to drop their membership in the organization in response to this betrayal of public trust by pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants at the expense of American workers and taxpayers. For more information or to schedule interviews with William Gheen please visit