Trump AGAIN Rejects “Khan Con” re Accepting Terrorism As “Part and Parcel” of Life in London!

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John Lillpop
Associate Editor

By John Lillpop:

The mayor of “Londonistan” may think that terrorist attacks in a big city are the norm, but tell that to everyday people who live there…

President Trump continues to make intellectual mincemeat out of Sadig Khan, London’s Muslim Mayor, for commenting that “terrorism is now part and parcel” of living in a large, metropolis city like London.

The recent surge(almost daily) in terrorist incidents has rekindled public interest in Khan’s dismissive attitude, particularly in light of the latest attack which claimed an additional seven innocent lives on Saturday.

To his absolute credit, President Trump has not toned down his harsh criticism of Mayor Khan:

As reported:

President Donald Trump continued a long-running feud with London’s mayor on Monday, criticizing him on Twitter for the second day in a row in the wake of the deadly van and knife attack in the city.

Trump said London Mayor Sadiq Khan had offered a “pathetic excuse” and “had to think fast on his ‘no reason to be alarmed’ statement.”

Trump’s tweet renewed his attack of Khan’s statement to London residents following the attack that left seven people dead and dozens injured. The mayor had told London residents not to be concerned by a stepped-up police presence in the city after the incident.”

With all due respect to Mayor Khan,President Trump is exactly right to point out that Khan needs to address escalating attacks on London and her innocent patrons by abandoning his foolish excuse which holds that terrorist attacks are now “Part and parcel” of living in a big city!

Rather than making excuses for Muslim murders, Kahn should be insisting that London will NEVER give in to 6th century Islamic barbarians and will never cease working to destroy ISIS and removing said barbarity from our planet with whatever force is needed!

The unpleasant alternatives to eradicating ISIS include:

Staying home Saturday nights,

Converting to Islam, or

Moving to America.

Perhaps the British government should consider a travel ban and other defenses similar to those proposed by US President Donald Trump?

As corpses increasingly clutter the streets of London, passively accepting the brutal carnage as “Part and Parcel”of living in the “Greatest city in the World” is utterly stupid and unacceptable!

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John W. Lillpop
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