Trump Goes Wobbly on Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean

The swamp critters at the State Department have apparently convinced Trump to back down…

For too long, the Muslim Brotherhood has been given a pass by the U.S. government. This was especially true during the politically correct, pro-Muslim Obama years, when Mr. Obama couldn’t even bring himself to utter the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”.

Many have called for the Muslim Brotherhood to be officially labeled a terrorist organization, given their ties to Hamas and other such groups.

Indeed, Donald Trump ran on a campaign that skewered the PC nonsense of the Obama Administration, which never wanted to tie terrorism to Islamists, even though nearly all terrorists were – well – Islamists.

It was widely believed that after Mr. Trump took office that the days of pussyfooting around were over, and that our approach to the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism would not only be called out for what it is, but would be dealt with accordingly.

Now comes word from The Washington Times that the Administration is backing down from finally labeling the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization – apparently due to an internal memo circulated within the State Department that advises against the designation.

Apparently some of the State Department swamp critters believe that calling the Brotherhood for what it is would be to miss the “nuances” concerning the activities of the organization.

Anytime bureaucrats and politicians start throwing around the word “nuances”, it’s their way of attempting to muddle what should be plain facts, and painting those who disagree as being too simple minded to understand said nuances.

It goes to show that there are indeed too many Obama and probably Bush holdovers that inhabit State.

It isn’t surprising that these pinheads would try to stop common sense from prevailing where terrorism is concerned.

What is surprising, and troubling, is that they have convinced President Trump of this.

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