To make Trump’s economic “miracle” permanent and self-sustaining, why Reagan’s technology-based planning system is indispensable

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By David L. Hunter:

David Hunter
Associate Editor

November 9, 2018

Dear Fellow Conservatives:

Please listen to Trend On with Tamara Leigh: Political Columnist David L. Hunter on Technology-Based Planning.

While the current economic gains are obvious, what has not been addressed is the 1.87 trillion dollars added to the national debt since President Trump took office.  This dire circumstance clearly implies that something more still needs to be done.  Lowering taxes, renegotiating trade deals and the risky strategy of tariffs have been a good start.  However, these financial manipulations will not work in the long run because America has lost its all-important competitive advantage over geopolitical rivals like China.  President Reagan’s foolishly abandoned system to generate a perpetual competitive edge—absolutely essential to the long-term viability of our nation—must be restored if we are to remain a First World power in the 21st century.  Technology-based planning was Mr. Reagan’s top secret weapon (falsely promoted then as SDI) to win the Cold War.  With TBP, he demonstrated with scientific certainty to Gorbachev that America could beat the Soviet Union both economically and militarily.  Chillingly, China engages wholeheartedly in this process while America does not.  (Hence, the main reason for their meteoric rise, and our relative decline in the modern era.)  As an analogy, it’s like they’re playing economic chess while we’re playing checkers.

Proven by history, technology-based planning is the missing element indispensable to the long-term success of President Trump’s America First agenda.  Time is critical to establish this even more powerful third generation system (which has nothing to do with R&D) for use by U.S. businesses and the federal government.  Otherwise, China will continue to gain global influence in the vacuum left in America’s wake.  As fellow patriots, I ask you to bring this vital information to the attention of Washington decision-makers in Congress and the White House forthwith.

With sincerest gratitude,

David L. Hunter
CHO Associate Editor

Writer of “How to Rebuild a First World Economy” and “Overcoming the China Syndrome

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