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how did transgender males become “mission-critical" to our armed services?

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By Ronnie Herne:

Ronnie Herne

When we already have many brave and manly men in the military how did transgender males become “mission-critical” in the armed forces of the United States? 

Catch this lunatic policy statement from some retired United States military personnel.  Released 8-1-17 in San Francisco.

   “The Commander in Chief has tweeted a total ban of honorably servingtransgender troops. This proposed ban, if implemented, would cause significant disruptions, deprive the military of mission-critical talent, and compromise the integrity of transgender troops… the proposed ban would degrade readiness…  Patriotic transgender Americans who are serving—and who want to serve—must not be dismissed, deprived of medically necessary health care, or forced to compromise their integrity or hide their identity…”  

Really?  Just what “disruptions”?  Their surgeries and hormones and time-outs at our government’s expense?  “Mission-critical” talent?  We’ve only had a few known trannies in for maybe a year…?  When did they rise to the level of “Mission Critical”? 

And “degrade readiness”…  Or “hide their identities”?  Tell you what, you park one of those trannie guys with a pair of dyke majors…  I leave you to write the end of that sentence.  And would someone please explain what, militarily, is meant by “the integrity of transgender troops”? 

How about mentioning troop unity and dedication and cohesiveness and morale – real military unit goals?

There is no room in the killing arena known as the U.S. Military for problem-beset trannies no matter how many socialist UN-kissing pansy officers say so.  Trannies need counseling, not ammo; hormones, not marches; support, not IED’s.  And our real trained fighting troops need able bodied, war-intent comrades by their sides.

In fact, the 56 miscreant officers who signed this laughable-if-it-weren’t-so-serious memo are themselves a stunning example of so much of what is critically wrong and deficient with our military today.  And note that only retired officers offered their ignorant, socially engineered, and vastly erroneous opinions, 25% of them being University Women. 

NOTE: No less than Johns Hopkins Hospital‘s chief psychiatrist Dr Paul McHugh said this: “…transgenderism is a ‘mental disorder’ that merits treatment, that sex change is ‘biologically impossible,‘ and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.  [emphasis added.]


Johns Hopkins, a forerunner in sex reassignment surgery will NO LONGER perform those surgeries and treatments.  Part of the reason is the horrible suicide rate among “fixed” trannies.  Little seems to please or make happy the mood of trannies.  And the XY dna a boy was born with will be XY dna when he dies, no matter his surgeries, hormones, and style of dress.

And marching off to war isn’t going to help the trannies figure it out.  But it certainly can hurt, hinder, and possibly kill and/or maim the guys next to them as well as the trannies themselves.  You have a LOSE-LOSE situation here where emotionally unstable people are being allowed to enter military units, face combat, risk their own and everyone else’s lives and for what?  So that maybe the military can provide them with genital mutilation surgery which may or may not make them happy? 

Maybe it would be better all around to redirect the trannies into something safer, something less involved in security, life-and-death, rapid fire response – something other than the killing environment of the military. 

And just when and where did we swerve off the track of men being manly?  Instead to men being sensitive? Men being able to cry?  Men being able to identify with their woman side?  Men being able to… ?

Now, don’t forget the University Women who hate men in general – and in particular, as well.  They have steamrolled much of the effort to thoroughly emasculate the brawny, stand-for-what’s-right guys in exchange for today’s gays and wusses and wimps, little boys that Mommy can dominate and direct and castigate at will.

But let us not forget either the Marxist/Socialist/ Fascist groups that want to take down America, bring her to her knees like Mommy has her little boys, and create that Utopia known by the Bush dynasty as the One World Order. 

I never thought I’d see the day that I would encourage, maybe even defend the Draft, but look at this:  Manhood began its descent into Hell in the 70s, 80s, 90s and has continued its sad, seemingly endless downward trajectory…  And what happened concurrent to that descent and demise of the real men?  THE END OF THE DRAFT.

The draft ended in 1973.  Do you see the timeline here?  Men no longer hop to the strident commands of their DIs.  Men no longer learn how to cover their asses and those of their buddies when times get tough. Men no longer learn to care for themselves.  (Ask any older Navy vet.)

And while society condemned manliness, the gay-fag class rose to respectability, in Hollywood, and politics, and military stature.  They even took on the collars of religiosity.  And we were dunned with, “Live and let live!”  And so we have…  And homosexuality is now mainstream.  (Sorry Milo.)

In 2002 a new Left-construct was rolled out in rainbow colors for all to see and share: the LGBT Community! (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender.)  Let me state yet once again: There is no gay community.  With some exceptions of course, queers don’t like dykes, dykes don’t like bisexuals, and who had ever heard of a transgender?

The gays did not create the LGBT designation.  It was handed to them.

But transgenderism was baptized with that 2002 opening of the San Francisco LGBT Center at 1800 Market Street at Octavia Street.  And just look at how transgenderism has grown up in the intervening 15 years.

This is all social engineering and it is successfully marching onward and forward in our schools, our churches, our bureaucracies, – and our military.

They have diminished our men and their manliness and their manhood.  They have denigrated and reduced our Christian beliefs, spit in the faces of decent God-loving people.  They have made a mockery of our Constitution, patriotism, family.

We have willingly sacrificed our children on the altars of Child Care and Common Core.  We have let abstinence become ridiculed.  We have chosen complacency.  Pedophilia is rampant.  Islam is a Religion of Peace.

Inch by inch we have given the Socialist One World Liberals more and more of our territory.  Like some trannies, a liberal is never satisfied.  A liberal always wants more.  Always.  They are never happy.  It is not within their ken to be so.  Appeasing them is deadly for it only feeds their avarice.  And that appetite is endless.

They will not be happy until you are gone, until America is gone.  And even then they will not be happy.

The war is fully engaged.  And we are losing.



56 retired officers signed this glaring piece of drivel.  About 25% of them are University Women – useful idiots who have been brainwashed to demasculinize every male entity or identity.  Anyone see why some guys don’t want some girls in the Armed Forces…?

By the way, retired officers can be returned to active status.  It might be a thought to activate 20 or 30 of these folks, give them the transgender ban order directly, and watch the fun begin.

And remember: Mad Puppy Mattis actively promoted funding military trannie surgeries.

Also, does anyone — especially trannies — trust the military doctors to know the ins and outs of reassignment surgery…?  I mean, really.

© Copyright by Ronnie Herne USAF vet, 2017. All rights reserved.

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Ronnie Herne
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