“Throw the Rascals Out”?: By All Means, But Leave My Congress Critter Alone!

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By John Lillpop:

Those predicting a political earthquake on November 4 should be vindicated: Polls indicate widespread dissatisfaction with nearly all Congressional incumbents and a general consensus that “throwing the rascals out” is needed across the board!

We have been through this before. In fact, a campaign called DRIP—don’t reelected incumbent politicians—became quite popular in the early 90s. DRIP was advertised as a way for patriots to “take back America” by simply conceding that all politicians are, at the core, rotten scoundrels who cannot be trusted with running a Halloween party, much less an entire nation.

DRIP was to apply to all incumbents, regardless of liberal, conservative, or independent. It would work only if we kicked the entire lot of buffoons to the curb and took back government ourselves.

Despite wide popularity in the polls, DRIP ultimately failed because universal disgust with politicians often did not include the only politicos that voters could retire—their own elected officials.

Besides, who in the hell is going to take the place of the dislodged?  Voters were forced to consider other politicians, often of equal of greater infidelity to integrity than the incumbent!

So you boot out Barney and replace him with Alex who is more smart and crooked than Barney!  What has been gained?

Nothing of course, except to Barney and Alex.  We the voters are still left with corrupt swindlers in office, despite DRIP and all of our righteous notions.

DRIP, although it sounds noble, is another scam sponsored by desperate politicians. 

The solution: Using a Ouija board to select candidates may sound like something to come from a 3rd-world disaster…yet it may be the most effective way to select honest, trustworthy office holders!

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John W. Lillpop
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John Lillpop is a Capitol Hill Outsider associate editor. John is a recovering liberal, “clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. Until recently, John lived in the ultra-liberal San Francisco Bay Area, where the likes of Nancy Pelosi are actually considered normal! In May, John moved to Pine Grove, CA where people unashamedly speak English and love America!