The Man With No “E” Attacks Trump

Hillary Clinton is no "champion of women"

attacks Trump
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By Chip McLean:

Chip McLean
Chip McLean

As the editor/publisher for Capitol Hill Outsider, I am inundated with emails.

In addition to normal things such as articles and communications from CHO writers, along with reader emails, I also get a number of other messages that have to do with news tips or advertising inquiries (usually from online dating “services” that I refuse to run).

I also get hit with a lot of people hawking books and other self promotion type inquiries – quite often from left-wing propaganda groups.

Usually I just hit delete, but I got one yesterday that was particularly revolting.

This one came from someone named Hannah Coloson (assuming that is her real name), and she was pushing an anti-Trump narrative concerning “the video” of the Donald – the one that was released in an effort to smear him and to divert attention away from the Wikileaks dump of damaging emails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

Ms. Coloson was also pushing to get me to interview some writer I’ve never heard of:

Hi Chip

With the shock waves reverberating over Donald Trump’s lewd recording in which he boasts of groping women, does his excuse that he was engaging in “locker room talk” hold up? I have Stev (pronounced Steve) Fair, social awareness expert, author, former star basketball player and lifelong sports enthusiast, on:

“Elevating the Fight against Pervasive Sexism in America”

Contact me for interviews and read on for details…

Is the kind of talk Trump admits to normal for men, and something we should expect and excuse as even some women believe? No, says Stev.

“What 59-year-old man (Trump at the time) talks like that? Rich, poor or otherwise? It must be his nature and his behavior,” says Stev, author of Athletics: A Vehicle to a Winning Attitude,” a nonfiction book about the positive power of sports.

Stev’s new novel “Love Reveals” tells a story of college romance, family and fatherhood against the backdrop of America’s social change in the late 20th century. Among talking points he can discuss…

(rest of talking points omitted as we’ve heard all this malarkey before)

“Social awareness” Stev? Stev needs to buy a vowel (along with a clue). The man with no “E” may have been a star basketball player somewhere, but a quick search pulled no results for him other than his book.

Ms. Coloson must not have read any CHO articles because if she had she would have known that our writers and I consider any crude talk from Donald Trump (and that’s all it was, was talk) to pale in comparison to the actual actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton with respect to women.

There is a very long list of women who have come forward through the years with claims they were assaulted, groped, grabbed, harassed and – in the case of Juanita Broaddrick – even raped, by Slick Willie.

Hillary Clinton, the woman who famously said that “all rape victims deserve to be heard” certainly didn’t believe  her own words when the offender was her husband. In fact she went out of her way to squash the “bimbo eruptions” as they came to be known in the Clinton inner circle.

According to Larry Klayman, the Clintons hired PIs to intimidate these women by following them, invoking their children’s names and threatening them to keep their mouths shut.

Today, we still see the Clintons demonize any woman who dares to call out Bill on his habitual sexual predatory acts.

Not only do the Clintons continue to engage in demeaning and besmirching these women, their minions in the press gleefully join in:

The View’s Joy Behar Calls Bill Clinton’s Rape Victims “Tramps”

CNN Panelist: Bill Clinton’s Sexual Abuses Are “Conspiracy Theory”

This pattern of callous disregard for women by Hillary goes back a long way as evidenced by this video of her laughing about getting a man off of rape charges who raped a 12-year-old girl.

Yet Hillary Clinton keeps talking about how she’s a “champion” for women.

What she really means is that she is a champion when it comes to getting their votes, by exploiting identity politics.

So yes, “Ms. Colonoscopy” – men and women, with common sense and an actual sense of justice can see a clear difference between a bit of “locker room crude talk”, and true actual acts perpetrated upon women. Perhaps even worse, is that Mrs. Clinton not only enabled predator Bill, she circled the wagons and tried to squash these women like bugs.

So, if you and your sanctimonious ilk truly give a damn about women, quit spamming my email and go after the real enemies of women – Bill and Hillary Clinton.

© Copyright by Chip McLean, 2016. All rights reserved.

Chip McLean
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