Special Report: Surveillance? – What Surveillance? (part 2)

The police state has arrived

spied on
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By Ronnie Herne:

Ronnie Herne

So, where were we?  Right!  Being spied on at every turn!  Let’s continue…


Click the link above and count the ways:  Computer keyboards, laptop emanations, cell phone monitoring activation, SIM card readers, tracking voiceprints, cell phone monitoring.  And new ways everyday!  But, HEY, what’s to worry!


This is a company, not a protocol……  And yes, I do mean that Amazon.  Their TV Fire Sticks and their Echo products all record your conversations.  Amazon has its own “cloud” you know.  AWS.  Amazon Web Services.  That could be where they store all your conversations.

And Amazon’s cloud is proving to be a rather insecure location to store your sensitive data.  Just this past July 2017 it lost information on over two million Dow Jones accounts and separately on over fourteen million Verizon customers.

Your kindle reading is also recorded including anything you highlight.  Same goes for monitoring what movies you stream.  Alexa?  ALEXA!!  She’s voice activated, you know.  And she has one big, bounteous memory!  (Isn’t this great?)


Leading the pack is Siri.  Click the link to find out what makes her work.  Want to get some more  warm and fuzzy feelings?  Her basic structure was formulated over at DARPA.  [DoD’s DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Project Agency]



Okay we’ve already said all of this is recorded.  And it is: your calls, your texts, your alarms, your web browsing…  ALL of it is recorded.  Forever.  To be data mined at any time.

And just when you think it could not get any worse — it has.  Now law enforcement at all levels has the STINGRAY.  This is the IMSI-catcher  device (also known as cell site simulator, triggerfish, wolfpack, gossamer, and swampbox) that tricks your cell phone into thinking that the Stingray is a cell tower.  And when your phone automatically connects to it, well, then the officers can monitor you directly, in real time, without a warrant.   (Really.)

This device is reportedly able to BLOCK communications, also.


The government – or your friendly carrier – can activate your phone’s microphone whether the phone is on or off.  This turns it into a roving bug that records any voices any time anywhere near the phone.


Your phone needs to be on but even if you disable the GPS function, it can be activated remotely without your phone telling you so.  They can track you.  Of course they can also triangulate your position by measuring the intensity of your connections to nearby cell towers.

The solution to microphones and GPS is simple.  REMOVE THE BATTERY.  Oh, but I know – you might miss Aunt Julia’s wedding pictures!  And how would you open the garage door…?

Note:  They say they don’t know who the black-masked agitator-rioters are.

How could they NOT know.  Just track the phones…


Samsung’s Smart TVs are voice activated…  They listen to everything you say…   They record everything you say…  They are always on, you know,  just listening for your voice…

Your SMART appliances are government spying devices sure as you can say “Fourth Amendment”.  And don’t forget those dangerous (on several levels) SMART meters courtesy of your power company.  SMART appliances talk to SMART meters but you already know that, yes?

And SMART meters talk to other SMART meters.  They convey user information.  And at some not too distant time the government will begin talking back to the SMART meters about what is allowed to be turned on in your place, what isn’t, and when.  (It is called C-O-N-T-R-O-L.  SMART, huh?)

And just coming online is the “Internet of  Things”.  Everything on the internet is captured, copied, stored.

Your SMART phone can do almost anything anymore:  Start the coffee, open the garage door, monitor the nursery, set the alarm – all shared in real time with the government.  This is all done through the internet.  It is ALL copied and stored indefinitely.


There’s that pesky little black box in many cars that records such things as speed, braking, destination routes, mileage.  Your GPS records your locations.  Automatic toll and parking tags record dates and times, and often photos.  Cameras take pictures of your license plate.  And your voice activated Amazon Alexa-for-Androids in your car?  Need you ask?

This link takes you to a retail site where YOU can buy all sorts of fancy toys to monitor, spy, surveil, whomever and/or whatever you want.  So – not only do you have your overreaching Fourth-Amendment-be-hanged government going bonkers, but you can do it yourself !!  But remember:  Santa might not be the only one checking it twice…

Not to be outdone, your government has a purchasing catalog, too!  It’s classified and it’s called the NSA ANT catalog.  It runs 50 pages from the  Advanced Network Technology Division.

ANT has equipment for cell phone networks, mobile phones, routers, servers, firewalls, computers, monitors, keyboards, USB, wireless LAN, and room surveillance with “cool” sounding names like CROSSBEAM, CANDYGRAM, WATERWITCH, MONKEYCALENDAR, TOTEGHOSTLY 2.0, SIERRAMONTANA, GODSURGE, SOUFFLETROUGH, HOWLERMONKEY, COTTONMOUTH I, II, AND III, among others.

And TOYS for the KIDDIES!  At Christmas in 2015 Mattel, in association with ToyTalk of San Francisco, introduced Hello Barbie, a WIFI connected cloud-based interactive doll that converses with the kid and becomes – as it retains the child’s conversations – progressively more familiar with the child’s interests, favorite people, secrets, fears.  The doll is constantly up-programmed to adapt to the child’s input: personality, dreams, wishes, problems, …  and the conversations are all retained by ToyTalk.

This past Christmas 2016 the My Friend Cayla doll and the i-Que robot from Genesis Toys were introduced.  Both are interactive, both record nearby voices. Recordings are kept by a company called Nuance.  Nuance also does business with the US military, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement…….

Random end bytes:

The new Utah Data Center uses up to 1.7 million gallons of water a day, primarily for cooling.  How do they get that much water in the desert?  What becomes of their waste water?

Their electricity is estimated to run about 40 million dollars a year.

A new NSA data center is underway in Fort Meade, MD.  It is planned to be two and one-half times the size of the Utah Data Center.

Each zettabyte is 1,000 exabytes.  One exabyte = 1,000 petabytes. One petabyte = 1,000 terabytes. One terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes.  But the Grandpappy of them all (so far) is the yottabyte which equals 1,000 zettabytes which equals 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes =10^24.  Got that?

The Global Information Grid traffic equals about 966 exabytes a year.

From Judge Andrew Napolitano / Fox Opinion 2-23-17

   “The surveillance state regime today permits America’s 60,000 military and civilian domestic spies to access in real time all the landline and mobile telephone calls and all the desktop and mobile device keystrokes and all the digital data created and used by anyone in the United States.”


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