Southern California College: ‘Dismantle Whiteness’ on This Campus

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By Greg Holt:

Greg Holt

Militant feminist group, “When Women Disrupt” recently installed a racist piece of artwork demanding “whiteness” and “misogyny” be removed from the University of Southern California campus.

It should come as no surprise that this type of ridiculous and racist activity is occurring in California. I recently wrote about another California college’s mentally ill professor. The professor of hate, Randa Jarrar – remorselessly and with cruel abandon celebrated the recent death of Barbara Bush posting on Twitter, “I’m happy the witch is dead.” Professor of hate Jarrar also was noted to have made terrorism threats, all the while boasting that as she is a tenured professor, she cannot be fired!

So, let me see if I have this straight, misogyny (dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women) is disallowed – as it should be, and being white is basically a crime against humanity. That being said, racism against whites is perfectly ok because – well because white people are white. Got that? These same women that obviously feel marginalized are very much OK with handing out the very same treatment to white people apparently.

If the liberal left supports your brand of racism, your belief system, your ideals, your pet peeves – then you are a go to proceed full speed ahead regardless of who you may cause harm to. However, if your beliefs, ideals, etc. do not run with the cool crowd on the left, you had best keep your mouth shut or else.

College is no longer about education; instead it is about instilling hatred for your own country, hatred for white people, Christians, and of course conservatives. College is nothing more than indoctrination of our young people into the liberal hate mongering that is prevalent in our society of today.

The liberals who profess tolerance are the very ones rioting, posting hate filled rants on social media, making death threats etc. Liberals are also attempting to take away your rights to own a weapon because you want to be able to defend yourself and your family. American values are in danger, and so are those who support them.

What is really asinine is that the very people who are so intolerant and full of hate for all who disagree with them are the very ones who shout the loudest about being persecuted by the cruel world that supposedly hates them. All the while accusing conservatives and people who simply desire a Democratic Republic based on the Constitution as was intended of being hateful racist people.

There has even been talk of California seceding from the U.S. It strikes this writer that as California is the ultimate liberal bastion of stupidity, maybe they should secede from the U.S. All the libs can move to California, which by the way is failing miserably as a state, and the rest of us can live in the remainder of the U.S. Calimex here we come?

So to sum up – if you are not male, Christian, or white; you don’t support a border wall, you don’t oppose unlimited immigration, you are good with all illegals remaining and having “rights,” you are not a conservative, you do not support Second Amendment rights, you are ok with social media censorship (because it’s good for us), and you liked Obama being your good daddy – why then California is the perfect place for you.

Who’s ready to move to California?


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