Socialist Bernie Sanders says Republcans are “way out of touch with Americans”…

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Bernie Sanders, remarking on John Boehner’s decision today to step down as House Speaker, said that Boehner was “unable to control” his party and that his resignation could leave Republicans increasingly “out of touch.” He even went on to say that Republicans were “way out of touch with the American people”.

This coming from a socialist…Bernie’s operating philosophy shares far more with Karl Marx than it does with anything resembling the principles of our nation’s founders.

In Bernie’s estimation, those of us who want to go back to the principles of limited government and self determination are the ones out of touch. If the vast majority of Americans want an ever expanding federal government with no restraints at the expense of their personal liberty, then the country is indeed in a lot of trouble.

What Bernie doesn’t grasp is that – as Margaret Thatcher so succinctly explained – “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.

Posted by Chip McLean
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Chip McLean
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