Sanctuary city slip-ups as LA released arsonist, Philadelphia released murder suspect

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(The Washington Times) — Homeland Security officials have identified 118 different sanctuary cities across the U.S., according to the first edition of President Trump’s new name-and-shame policy, released Monday, that suggested Clark County in Nevada and Nassau County in New York were likely the worst offenders in the first week.

During that period, from Jan, 28 through Feb. 3, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it became aware of some 206 illegal immigrants whom sanctuaries refused to turn over. ICE said it expects that number to grow as it learns of more names.

Los Angeles refused to turn over a convicted arsonist from Mexico, while Philadelphia balked at cooperating on a Jamaican man accused of murder.

The numbers in the new report already show a major change from the Obama administration, which required illegal immigrants to have major convictions on their records to be a target for deportation. Instead, under Mr. Trump those charged with crimes — but not yet convicted for them — are being targeted, and the bar for criminal behavior earning deportation is lower.

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