Republican Think Tanks – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

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By JB Williams:

Today’s Democratic Party is run by numerous left-wing think tanks set up to infiltrate and hijack the party, moving it further and further left, making it the greatest threat to American sovereignty and security today.

From Rockefellers Trilateral Commission to avowed communist Roger Baldwin’s ACLU, the Council on Foreign Relations to the Democratic Socialists of America and their congressional progressive and black caucuses, the DNC is run entirely by international leftists hell-bent upon destroying America’s Constitutional Republic.

Through these groups, today’s Democratic Party has progressively evolved into America’s Communist Party, as explained in Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Although many American democrats are completely unaware, reality is inescapable at this stage of progression. The DNC is now our nation’s most powerful anti-American political organization.

We cannot afford to overlook the propaganda machine of the international left either, without whom, they could never convince Americans to commit national suicide in the election booth. This machine includes academia, the news agencies and the entertainment industry. When the oldest Communist Publication in America, Mother Jones, becomes the primary source of information for all American news agencies, the death of the free press has already happened.

But what about the Republican think tanks? Are they really any less dangerous? What are they really promoting?

Far worse than any overt enemy, is a covert enemy operating within… The one thing that is worse than the known enemy down the street is finding out that your wife has been sleeping with that enemy, feeding them information, while misdirecting and undermining your efforts to defend the family against that enemy.

Operating as public policy research centers, these organizations were developed and formed by inside the DC beltway power-brokers, with the aim and intent of influencing public policy at the national level. Today’s most influential Republican Think Tanks are Heritage Foundation and evangelical Christian David Barton’s Wall Builders.

Each of these organizations claims to be “conservative” policy research centers, and each has been increasingly influential in Republican Party policies for several years now.

Yet, most conservatives across the country agree that the Republican Party no longer represents the true will of American conservatives, those who still revere our Founding documents, principles and values as the key to freedom and liberty via a Constitutional Republic. How did this happen, with “conservative policy research centers” like Heritage Foundation and Wall Builders advising inside the DC beltway Republicans and the Republican National Committee?

The enemy you know is much less dangerous than the enemy masquerading as your friend. Inside the beltway gadflies, concerned only with their own level of influence with the political rich and famous in DC, have turned out to be our most dangerous enemies of all and they too, have a massive propaganda machine in the Republican talking heads.

In a Constitutional Republic, all power is inherent in the people, all governments derive their power from the people, and all governmental powers are balanced between enumerated federal authority, states’ rights, local authority and individual rights, all defined by the U.S. Constitution and each State Constitution, protected by the U.S. Bill of Rights.

A conservative organization will be focused entirely upon conserving, protecting and preserving these fundamental foundational precepts, upholding and defending the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our Republican form of government, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Is that what the Republican Think Tanks are doing today?

The answer to this question can be found in these organization’s position papers on topics like States Tenth Amendment Rights. The trick is to frame the discussion around a red herring label, like nullification, and then cherry-pick quotes from Founders and court opinions (which have no constitutional force of law) that destroy states’ and individual rights via destroying the red herring.

Like all rights protected by the Bill of Rights, the Ninth and Tenth Amendments are either enforceable, or they don’t exist at all. There is no such thing as inalienable rights which we cannot enforce. If they are not enforceable, they don’t exist.

The 9th states“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” – This means that all authority not delegated to the federal government via enumerated powers in the Constitution, remain under the authority of the people.

The 10th states“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – This means that all political powers not delegated to the federal government via the U.S. Constitution, remain under the authority of the people and the states.

Every American conservative reads these powers as clear, unconditional and absolute. But this is not the position of the Republican Public Policy Centers today.

Heritage Foundation stands opposed to states and individual rights in their red herring arguments against nullification, using a special blend of false history and cherry-picked court opinions and quotes to proclaim that the states and the people are entirely subservient to federal authority under an unbridled “supremacy clause” which establishes a despotic federal power, protected by a nine-member unelected and unaccountable oligarchy, the Supreme Court.

Evangelical history revisionist David Barton and his Wall Builders agree, the states and the people have no right to enforce states or individual rights, other than in the voting booth. Both use red herring arguments, such as “Democrat President Andrew Jackson wanted to shoot the nullifiers…” – so what, who cares? Democrat President Bill Clinton wanted to shoot Monica Lewinsky for hanging on to that stained dress too… Nixon wanted to shoot the people who caught him in Watergate. Big deal…

If Barton and Heritage Foundation are right, that the states and people have constitutional rights, but no way to enforce those rights, then the states’ and the people have no rights at all.

If the Republican Think Tanks are right, that states and individual rights are somehow “unconstitutional,” then what we have today is not a Constitutional Republic, but rather a despotic federal authority protected by an unelected and politically motivated nine-member oligarchy.

Is that what the Founding Fathers created?

Of course not… so why are these Republican think tanks promoting unchecked federal supremacy, standing publicly opposed to states and individual rights? The answer is no more complicated than the fact that their power is in Washington DC, not fifty sovereign states, just like the Republicans they advise in Washington DC.

Even new DC insiders like Americans for Prosperity are working against individual and states’ rights, recently scoring some of the worst Republicans in DC like Sen. John McCain and Marco Rubio with an A or A+ rating, as reported by RNC propaganda site Newsmax.

McCain has been the most far left Republican in congress for years, along with Lindsey Graham, both of whom are up to their eyeballs in the Benghazi gun-running and murder scandal. Rubio, who has risen to the top stop for the 2016 presidential nod despite being ineligible for the office, is the new political messiah of illegal immigration and amnesty for millions of future DNC voters.

Other DC Republicrats like Coburn and Flake are fully engaged in helping Democrats disarm Americans, along with well-known RNC leftists Collins and McCain. No imagination is required to see these people working against Americans Constitutional Republic on a daily basis. DC insiders are ALL against the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the people of the United States.

But now they have reached State Governments too

Why are state-level Republicans like Michigan Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, also hiding behind false history and anti-state interpretations of constitutional right, essentially proclaiming that states’ and individual rights are “unconstitutional” as long as the despots in Washington DC say so.

How did the DC beltway think tanks reach the state legislators? It was much easier than you think.

They formed another think tank called ALEC, which stands for American Legislative Exchange Center. ALEC claims to be for “smaller government, free markets and federalism.” In other words, it is e legislative think tank aimed at influencing state level Republican legislators.

Using the same false history and anti-state propaganda from Heritage Foundation and Wall Builders, the RNC is influencing state level Republican lawmakers through ALEC.

As the federal government becomes ever more despotic and tyrannical towards the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American people, some state legislators have summoned the courage to confront federal assaults by introducing a State Balance of Powers Act, based entirely upon the text of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Following the lead of the national RNC think tanks, other Republican state legislators are rushing to block the measure, ensuring that their state and the people will remain enslaved by a false premise of unchecked federal supremacy.

As Tennessee Constitutional Attorney Hal Rounds states in a February 18th letter to Tennessee legislators, “In reference to the letter of the North American Law Center disputing the Tennessee Office of Legal Services condemnation of your “Balance of Powers” Act, it is downright tragic to see that the legal services personnel available to the Tennessee Assembly are so deficient in Constitutional understanding.  When it takes an outside, independent citizen’s agency to tell the members of our Assembly about our Constitution, we have a serious problem.”

Well, Rounds is right, we are in very serious trouble here… It’s one thing when the international left wants to destroy the Constitutional Republic and all state and individual rights. It’s a whole different problem when Republicans want to help them accomplish that goal.

Rounds, who is not affiliated with the North American Law Center (NALC) as of this writing — hits the nail right on the head with this statement…

“So the North American Law Center is exactly correct in its analysis of the place of Constitutional supremacy – there is no supremacy when the law Congress makes – or the courts invent – is contrary to, or exceeds the powers in, the Constitution.  The Balance of Powers Act does address only federal laws made that violate the Constitution.  Such laws are without any force, and must be opposed. The Balance of Powers Act provides a prudent and cautious legal process for evaluating whether a federal statute does fall outside the limited powers of the federal government allowed by the Constitution.”

It’s not hard to figure out why all DC politicians want unbridled federal power, but when state Republicans start regurgitating the blatant lies of the DC power hungry in order to help federal politicians knock off states and individual rights, we must be nearing the brink of a second American revolution.

In a formal legal rebuttal to a false Tennessee legal opinion, NALC attorney Stephen Pidgeon completely destroys the false pro-federal supremacy rants of the Republican think tanks. NALC also issued a constitutional brief to the Michigan legislature on the same topic.

Who’s Looking Out for You?

Other than the North American Law Center, nobody is looking out for you or the Constitutional Republic.

Federal legislators are hell-bent on federal supremacy and global governance. The national Republican think tanks are hell-bent on promoting national RNC power, at odds with both states and individual rights. Even many state Republicans are hiding behind false information from the national organizations in an effort to escape personal responsibility for protecting the people’s rights.

Other than YOU, nobody is looking out for you. No politician or Republican talking head is going to do anything to save the Constitutional Republic. Only YOU can save the Constitutional Republic.

But you cannot save the Constitutional Republic at the national level today. Both Democrats and Republicans are focused only upon retaining their own political power and wealth at any cost, including the price of losing the Constitutional Republic and freedom and liberty itself.

You can only save the Republic one state at a time. Only by making each state self-sufficient and self-reliant, can the American people save this nation at this late date.

To do that, you will have to overcome the ignorance and cowardice of state legislators who either don’t know constitutional truth, or seek to hide behind leftist legal opinions aimed at squashing any form of constitutional checks and balances from the states or their people.

The only way you can save your state is to reestablish and reassert states and individual rights and a proper constitutional balance of powers. The State Balance of Powers Act is very carefully crafted for this sole purpose.

But no state legislature is going to pass that bill unless and until the people of their state demand it in a convincing manner. Heritage Foundation, Wall Builders and the Republican National Committee will do everything they can to stop the states from reclaiming their constitutional balance of powers.

Only the people themselves can overcome these groups and protect themselves by protecting their states. While the Obama administration is busy arming known terrorists all over the globe and trying to disarm the American people against their Second Amendment rights, idiots like Michigan Speaker Bolger are busy regurgitating false attacks on states and individual rights.

It’s not complicated. We are up against the age old greed and lust for power here. Politicians almost never seek to empower of protect the people. Almost all of them seek personal power and wealth and with increasing regularity, these greed driven parasites would stop at nothing to acquire their wealth and power.

The people are not just up against greedy progressive democrats, they are up against progressive republicans, their think tanks and their RNC minions in the press, all of them parasites sucking the life out of freedom and liberty. Only the people can save the Republic. They will have to do it one state at a time and they will have to run over cowardly politicians to do it.

© Copyright by JB Williams, 2013. All rights reserved.

JB Williams
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JB Williams is a writer on matters of history and American politics with more than 3000 pieces published over a twenty-year span. He has a decidedly conservative reverence for the Charters of Freedom, the men and women who have paid the price of freedom and liberty for all, and action oriented real-time solutions for modern challenges. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, a researcher, writer and a business owner. He is co-founder of action organizations The United States Patriots Union, a civilian parent organization for The Veteran Defenders of America. He is also co-founder of The North American Law Center, a citizen run investigative legal research and activism organization preparing to take on American's greatest legal battles. Williams receives mail at:


  1. Hopefully, our children won’t have to go to war to straighten out the country. Read “The Origin of Our Left-wing Species.” The website is: We all need to understand one another so that we can live in peace.

  2. brian kelsey and his attorney hal rounds and their likes are no doubt members of heritage foundation and/or wall builders… they are all “absolutely” for the constitution and the “republic” for which it stands, by and for we the sheeple… the chavez constitution modified by castro himself then properly named the castrated constitution (as in never a 2nd Amendment), but let’s call it The US Constitution for pc, kinda like what’s its name …I wonder who pays these unicorns, caligula maybe?!

  3. Over the last few years I have been writing a book (now three volumes) on economics. While doing so I found that at every turn the facts of the time frame were later found and proved to be false. Mistakes … NO lies. I then understood that it was a war but not an armed conflict but one designed by a few cabals in the attempt to control the wealth of the world for their own purpose.  And they have been getting away with it for 150 years and for the last 70 years in a real march to the end game. 

    These groups have front political organizations, the most obvious is the democrat party who desire to delete, negate and subvert the constitution which is a violation of their oath of office. The GOP is half filled with career political games players, they are only interested in their career and campaign cash. The smaller half are elected to change the trend and they try but not having all the support from their party it does not happen and the longer they are in D.C. the more the career becomes the object and even they may sell out in the end while not all but a lot do. 

    We the citizens are left with little room to move. What happens next is a new war of some kind .. some fear .. will have to be forced forward or the democrats in power now will loose that grip as this economy falls into a double dip recession. We have to drive the dialog to TAX REFORM as in the FAIR TAX .. and focus on growth. 


  4. The Constitution is not a federal law, it is the inherently common will of We The People and a collection of common rights as established by We The People… the fed is simply a winning party, these days it’s the rinos or the dinos. The USA is We The People, The feds and their laws do not belong in USA, they never did!

  5. Another great one, JB. Just wish you had mentioned Texas, where to date, not ONE self proclaimed conservative and fav of the TEA Party has the guts to defy AG Greg Abbott’s unwritten opinion that the BOPA is unconstitutional, and just file the bill. Anyhoo, Tweeted, posted on FB and shared widely.

  6. I am so thankful to hear someone that understands the importance of what is going on in the Congress and both parties. And that all government is disavowing ” the rights of the people” and are trying to take them away. Our Founding Fathers intent was that We The People were the first rule of authority in this Republic. They have all divided into separate groups to concentrate on as many issues at one time as possible to confuse the people and throw us off guard. It is our God given right of every law abiding citizen to be able to protect themselves from any form of harm or force that may be used against us. In view of the ammo and weapons purchase, certainly the amounts involved in the purchase by our own government, gives us great concern as to their real reasons for pushing so hard for a weapons ban against our citizens. Their actions are very suspect and lends not one ounce of trust in them for We The People. As Mr. Parker of CURE, pointed out, past history teaches us that we must maintain our ability to stand alone or together and defend ourselves from every possibility. We all are aware of the ciminal aspect that shows it’s ugly head far to often, but we are also aware the worst criminal action of all is, government tyranny against the people, which lays just below the surface. I am extremely disappointed in our Congress for their lack of understanding, which leads one to believe they are pushing this ajenda for tyrannical reasons also, the jury is still out on our Supreme Court. Our Founding Fathers were very shrewed, with complete understanding of how corrupt minds work and the lengths they will go to, to grab complete power over the people , therefore, they supplied warnings and rights for We The People to use to protect ourselves. I sincerely never thought to see such an atrocity as “tyranny” in this great land of my birth, but I see and hear fear replacing trust everyday, it is drying up, rotting in the streets and it stinks. It is doubtful there is enough time left to win this state by state. However, it is worth a try, if We The People can organize and get to work quickly. Obama will act as soon as he thinks he has enough of the people behind him. I truly think we will have another Civil War, which we need to take advantage of surprise while we can. America’s only hope against a civil war is God, and unfortunately our government has angered Him with sinful laws and actions. Therefore, unless We The People turn back to God, humble ourselves and pray for forgiveness of our sins and sins of America, He will not listen to us, forgive us or heal our land from this tyranny. Those are His words in 2 Chronicles 7:14. For myself, I am praying that He will hear and forgive and heal. If not, I will defend my family, friends, neighbors and community. Regardless of Obama’s trying to drive a wedge between the people of color and white’s, there will be no racism involved in who I defend. A great man once said, “United we stand, divided we fall”. God bless We The People and God bless the great nation of America.

  7. Are we going to have to have another Civil War to straighten out this country.  Seems to me federal intrusion into states rights was the main reason for Civil War I.  Looks like 2013 is 1861 all over again…..

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