Report: Muslim Sympathizers at CIA Behind Trump Leaks

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By News Desk Editor:

Investigative reporter Jerome Corsi has filed a special report on how Muslim sympathizers at the CIA – such as John Brennan – have been behind the intelligence community leaks that were designed to undermine the Trump Administration.

The report, which appears at InfoWars lays out a case that despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood – which is considered by many nations to be a terrorist organization – nonetheless continues to enjoy widespread support in a CIA still dominated by Brennan loyalists.

(InfoWars) WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s time to “drain the swamp” at the CIA, as former CIA Director John Brennan, a clear Muslim sympathizer, packed the agency with Obama loyalists determined to bring down the Trump administration.

Looking for anti-Trump leakers, President Trump needs to be as concerned about the CIA as the NSA.

Few remember that it was John Brennan’s private security company that was responsible for the breach of State Department files which sanitized the passport records (still never seen by the public) of presidential candidate and then-Sen. Barack Obama prior to the 2008 presidential election.

On March 21, two unnamed contract employees for the State Dept. and a third were disciplined for breaching Obama’s passport files. Two were found to be employees for Stanley, Inc., a security firm based in Arlington, Virginia, that was headed by former CIA agent John Brennan, who was then serving as an advisor on intelligence and foreign policy to Sen. Obama’s presidential campaign.

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